Flippin' Fort Myers

Would you like to win a free month of vendor space in Pickin’ Boots Vintage? Would you like to win $100 worth of Dixie Belle products? Well, if you answered YES to these, then please consider applying for our friendly competition of Flippin’ Fort Myers!

Who can apply? Anyone!! We will be picking 3 teams to participate. No, you don’t have to have a partner, you can do solo if you choose. But, the only options are solo or partner.

Contestants will be chosen by current Pickin’ Boots vendors who are not participating in the event.

To apply simply email a video to Pickin’ Boots pickinboots@gmail.com Your video must include the following to even be considered for entry. (just use your cell phone for the video!)
1. Name
2. How long have you been flippin/creating projects?
3. Why would you like to be a part of the competition?
4. Include in the video at least three items you have created/made. (You can email 3 photos if you can't video them, but they must be included in same email.) 

If you are selected to be a part of Flippin Ft. Myers:

1. You will be given a cabinet door for you to fix, change, repurpose and make it usable. Be as creative as you like!

2. You will buy an item from a thrift store or garage sale to repurpose, make new again. You need to film with your cell phone the finding, the negotiating AND the purchasing of this item. Get a receipt so you can be reimbursed after the item sells! (there is a size limit- nothing bigger then 5′ by 5′- if bigger, you will be disqualified)

All items the teams have created need to be ready by Sept. 6th. They will need to be brought to the shop to be on display until we bring down to Vintage Market Days the weekend of Sept 13-15. Your items will be for sale at this event. Your items can only be bought at this show, and it ends the last day of the show by 4PM. Winner will be announced after the total profit has been calculated.

Winner will be based on the team’s items selling and making the most profit. All money made over the amount the item was originally purchased for will be donated to the charity Valerie’s House.

Please apply before August 2. Contestants will be notified by August 9. You can pick up your cabinet door from Pickin’ Boots Vintage anytime after being notified you were chosen. After you have made your purchase from the thrift store/garage sale, bring that video into the shop and you can get some supplies to work on your project. (paint, transfer, a molds, burlap, up to $30 worth of items that will be approved by Pickin’ Boots for use)

Please email Shannon at Pickin’ Boots Vintage for more information. I look forward to seeing what you create!!!!!!!