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Magazine Condition Grading

Unless otherwise noted all magazines are VERY GOOD to VERY FINE condition and have the centerfold attached as originally published.  These are the PBVintage grading standards and refer to any and all magazines being sold. These standards are modified, but basically, the same as the ones found in the Bramble guide for Playboy magazines. They refer to complete magazines. These are the standards used, but there are still going to be differing interpretations.

MINT - A magazine that is in "MINT" condition should be in about the same condition today as it was the day it went on sale. It must be new, with it's original gloss and lustre, with absolutely NO signs of ever having been read. A magazine straight off the newsstand will not always be in "mint" condition.

NRMT (Near Mint)- An almost perfect copy. There is slight evidence of use and abuse on the newsstand or in the mail. Such a copy may or may not have been read, but carelessly handled initially. This could result in small nicks, corner dings, and other small defects, due to careless handling. This could also include some small thumbing dimples on the cover.  Magazines in this grade are definite collector condition.

(Very Fine) - Noticeable, though minor defects, such as loss of lustre, areas of rubbing, a single vertical crease from "fold back" of a portion of the cover, a chipped or peeled spot, a small tear on cover or an inside page, or minor chafing along the spine. This might include thumbing dimples on the covers. This could also include magazines with mailing labels.  Magazines in this grade are good collector condition.

- A copy which has been read over a period of time, but with care in an attempt to preserve it in excellent condition. The cover shows definite wear, but is still intact. Ther are the tell-tale signs of use but none greatly outstanding. There are no MAJOR tears or peels, no taping, and the copy is clean inside and out. This might include such things as: a few small thumbing dimples on the cover, a price sticker or evidence of one having been present at one time, and small surface scratches and dings.

(Very Good) - An Ordinarily read copy with no consideration to collecting. It received normal handling resulting in considerable loss of lustre; faded covers or considerable rubbing; dog-eared edges on cover and some pages; a slight tear, creasing or chafing here and there, and especially along the spine; quite a few thumbing dimples on cover and other surface damages from handling, storage, etc..

-  The cover may have some light scratches and the edges may be showing some wear. The original gloss is probably injured in slight ways. There may be some tiny dog ears on front or back covers but the magazine is solid with all pages and with no writing on the front cover. Most used magazines will fall into this grade. Even a magazine that has lost some of it's original cover gloss can be graded good if it is solid and in generally good shape.  

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