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January, 1981

Playmate of the Month Karen Price photographed by Ken Marcus. Interview John Lennon and Yoko Ono by David Sheff. Personality "Prime of Coach Bum Phillips" by Roy Blount Jr. Features "The Astonishing Wrongs of the New Moral Right" by Johnny Greene "Why We Crave Horror Movies" by Stephen King "Sexual Office Politics: A Guide for the Eighties" by Michael Korda "Stocks, Bonds, Rock 'N' Roll" by Peter S. Greenberg. Honky-Tonk Angels Tracy Vaccaro, Pamela Hoff, Katie Chase, Roxanna Davis, Mary Whalen, Pam Stevens, Judi Andersen, Laurie Williams, Vicky Beasley, Patty Davis,, Susan Hannon, Pamela Geise, Nancy Jo Whittingslow, Deborah Ferguson, Teresa Stephens, Paula Kay Dinges, Christi Jost, Julie Burrows, Rahnee Reiland Teri Serrell, Jewel Robin, Jennifer Babtist, Kathy Dee Granholm, Loretta Barket, Jil Offenstine and Amy Crawford. Playboy's Playmate Review Henriette Allais, Terri Welles, Teri Peterson, Lisa Welch, Ola Ray, Mardi Jacquet, Jeana Tomasino, Martha Thomsen, Victoria Cooke, Liz Glazowski, Gig Gangel and Sandy Cagle. Barbara Bach (cover and inside) photographed by Tom Staebler.
Karen Price

February, 1981

Playmate of the Month Vicki Lynn Lasseter photographed by Arny Freytag. Interview Tom Snyder by Nicholas Yanni. Personality "Deep in With David Carradine" by Laurence Gonzales. Features "The Technology War: Behind Japanese Lines" by Peter Ross Range "Life Inside the Carter State Department" by Hodding Carter III "The Sky's the Limit!" by Danny Goodman. Playmate Roomates Terry Welles, Candy Loving and Sandra Theodore (cover) photographed by Mario Casilli. Marie Helvin photographed by husband David Bailey.
Vicki Lynn Lasseter

March, 1981

Playmate of the Month Kymberly Herrin photographed by Arny Freytag. Interview James Garner by Lawrence Linderman.
 20 Questions Lauren Hutton by David Rensin. Features "Thirty-Six Hours at Santa Fe" by Roger Morris "How to Buy Life Insurance and Get Out of it Alive" by John Dorfman "Hot Shots" by Robert Byrne. My Sister, My Self (Twins) Piper and Tara Perry, Cybil and Tricia Barnstable (cover, photographed by Tom Staebler), Sheila and Moira Stone and Lynette and Leigh Harris photographed by Arny Freytag. Jo Penney photographed by Ken Marcus.
Kymberly Herrin

April, 1981

Playmate of the Month Lorraine Michaels photographed by Arny Freytag. Interview Ed Asner by Sam Merrill. Features "Why Do Men Rape?" by Richard Rhodes "How to Outgun the IRS" by Paul Strassels. "The Liberation of a Congressional Wife" by Rita Jenrette with Kathleen Maxa, pictorial of Rita Jenretta photographed by Pompeo Posar. Girls of Kokomo (Indiana) Diana Kesterson, Cindy McAninch, Robin Maddox, Marianne Jackson, Karen Woods, Dianna Main, Polly Lybrook, Kimberly Sunde, Cheryl Morgan, Sara Depew, Stacey Lyon, Toni Mohr, Chiffone (Miss Nude Indianapolis), Robin Levy and Jodi Pearce photographed by David Chan. Liz Wichersham (cover) photographed by Tom Staebler.
Lorraine Michaels

May, 1981

Playmate of the Month Gina Goldberg photographed by Arny Freytag. Interview Elisabeth Kubler-Ross by Marcia Seligson. 20 Questions John De Lorean by Warren Kalbacker. Features "A Guerrilla Guide to the Computer Revolution" by Robert E. Carr "Dorothy Stratten: Her Story" by Richard Rhodes "Playboy's GT Weekend Boat" by Brock Yates. Miss World Gabriella Brum (cover and inside) photographed by Sebastian Giefer Bastel.
Gina Goldberg

June, 1981

Playmate of the Year Terri Welles (cover) photographed by Phillip Dixon. Playmate of the Month Cathy Larmouth photographed by Ken Marcus. Interview Steve Garvey by Samantha Stevenson. 20 Questions Jack Lemmon by Nancy Collins. Features "When Business Becomes Blood Sport" by Michael Korda "What You're Not Supposed to Know About the Arms Race" by Asa Baber. For Your Eyes Only (Bond Girls) Viva, Vanya, Kim Mills Lalla Dean, Lizzie Warvill, Alison Worth, Carole Bouguet, Max Vesterhalt, Tula Cassey, Lynn-Holly Johnson and Robin Young photographed by Richard Fegley.
Terri Welles

July, 1981

Playmate of the Month Heidi Sorenson photographed by Ken Marcus. Interview Marine Private First Class Robert Garwood by Winston Groom. Features "Beyond the Pill" by David Black "Pitchers' Duel" by Pat Jordan "Undercover Angel" by Lawrence Linderman. Tender Cousins (film) Anja Shute and many other young women in the film photographed by David Hamilton. Jayne (cover) and Leon Isaac Kennedy photographed by Ken Marcus.
Heidi Sorenson

August, 1981

Playmate of the Month Debbie Boostrom gatefold photographed by Mario Casilli. Interview George Gildner by Michael Laurence. 20 Questions Joan Rivers by Robert Crane. Features "Inside the New Right War Machine" by Peter Ross Range "Freedom Fighters" by Edward Roeder "Roll Over, Beethoven" by Norman Eisenberg "Playboy's Pro Football Preview" by Anson Mount "The Vanishing-Suitcase Caper" by Peter S. Greenberg "The Bombayment Method" by Reg Potterton. Valerie Perrine (cover and inside) cover photographed by Tom Staebler and inside photographed by Stan Malinowski, "The Girls of Summer" pictorial photographed by Stan Malinowski.
Debbie Boostrom



September, 1981

Playmate of the Month Susan Smith photographed by Ken Marcus. Interview James Michener by Lawrence Grobel. Features "Ruthless Mothers: Money, Values and the Gimme Decade" by Donald R. Katz "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" by Cameron Crow "Playboy's Pigskin Preview" by Anson Mount. Girls of the Southeastern Conference Tawanna Sharp, Kimberly Lasseter, Casey Sweet, Gigi Aldridge, Debra Gregory, Syerelyn Jackson, Joan Villarosa, Lyndi Young, Juliana van Mierop, JoAnne Riggs, Marlene Hall, Eve Vaupel, Donna Crouch, Gina Todd, Jamie Kapeghian, Becky Lewis, Jena Clayton, JoAnne Henderson, Carol Darsey, Mary Landreth and Karen Paige photographed by David Chan and Arny Freytag. Tarzan & Bo Bo Derek (cover and inside) Sorry, Tarzan, but in John Derek's version of the ape man's saga, it's a spectacular Jane -- "10" of the jungle -- who steals the show. Photographed by John Derek.
Susan Smith

October, 1981

Playmate of the Month Kelly Tough photographed by Mario Casilli. Interview Donald Sutherland by Claudia Dreifus. Features "Welcome to the Postliberation World" by Laurence Shames "Musings of a Not-So-Angry Woman" by Barbara Grizzuti Harrison "Death as a Way of Life" by Christopher Dickey "The Kindest Cuts of All" by Henry Post "The World's Most Daring Sportsmen" by Geoffrey Tabin. Girls of the Southeastern Conference, Part II Suzanne Shaheen, Devin De Vasquez, Tricia Doyle, Chole Vilas, Holly Kelley, Carolyn Arnold, Sheri Proffett, Julia Gillis, Tish O'Connor,Crystal McTaggart, Marcia Levy, Shari Helton, Anne Jones, Deanna Rankin, Sallie Crutcher, Pamela Skaggs, Julie Gayle, Debra Kittle, Kathy Murphy, Candy Howell, Claire Peterson and Punnie Brittain photographed by David Chan and Arny Freytag. Maud Adams photographed by Denis Piel, Cathy St. George (cover) photographed by Tom Staebler.

November, 1981

Playmate of the Month Shannon Tweed photographed by Richard Fegley. Interview Oriana Fallaci by Robert Scheer. Personality "The Problem With Crystal (Gayle)" by Chet Flippo. Features "Tuning in to Channel Sex" by David Rensin "The Stakes of the Game" by David Halberstam "Playboy's Audio Update" by Norman Eisenberg. Playboy's Roving Eye --- New York Nude Rara Shannon, Alan Bresler, Pamela Peters, Lynde Johnson, Gary and Sherry Mickelson, Rollerena, Virginia and Lillian Peralta, Michael C. Riter (with wife and mother-in-law), Ron Galella, The Contessa Jeritza-DeNova Scone and daughter Gina Cleo Bloome photographed by Charles R. Collum. Vicki La Motta photographed by Ken Marcus, Teri Peterson (cover) photographed by Tom Staebler, Sex in Cinema 1981.
Shannon Tweed



December, 1981

Playmate of the Month Patricia Farinelli photographed by Ken Marcus. Interview Henry Fonda by Lawrence Grobel. 20 Questions John Kenneth Galbraith by Warren Kalbacker. Features "Atlanta: The Evidence of Things Not Seen" by James Baldwin "The Buddy System" by Geoffrey Norman "Anatomy of a corporate Take-Over" by Richard Phalon "Confessions of a Cocaine Cowboy" by Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson with Walter Lowe Jr. "Playboy's College Basketball Preview" by Anson Mount "American Beauties" by Laurence Shames. And the Playmates Sing Heidi Sorenson, Sondra Theodore, Michele Drake, Kelly Tough, Anne Randall, Nicki Thomas and George Burns (not nude). Sex Stars of 1981 Christopher Reeve, Bo Derek, Brooke Shields, Burt Reynolds, Rachel Ward, John Travolta, Nancy Allen, Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Leon Isaac Kennedy, Bruce Dern, Angie Dickinson, James Caan, Valerie Perrine, Maud Adams, Margot Kidder, Nastassia Kinski, Barbara Bach, Elisabeth Brooks, Kathleen Turner, Barbara Carrera, Sandahl Be gman, Bernadette Peters, Julie Andrews, Dudley Moore, Tome Selleck, Andrew Stevens, Morgan Fairchild, Linda Evans, Victoria Principal, Charlene Tilton, Jane Seymour, Susan Sarandon, William Hurt, Jessica Lange, Jack Thompson, Isabelle Huppert, Sonia Braga, Isabelle Adjani, Yank Sydne Rome, Sylvia Kristel, Kim Basinger, Robbin Young, Terri Welles and Miles O'Keeffe (not all previously named are nude). Bernadette Peters (cover and inside) cover photographed by Tom Staebler, photos by Jeff Dunas.