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January, 1980

Playmate of the Month Gig Gangel photographed by Ken Marcus. Interview Steve Martin (cover) by Lawrence Grobel, cover photographed by Tom Staebler. Features "The San Francisco Experience" by Nora Gallagher ""Star Trek's" Enterprising Return" by Gretchen McNeese "The Third Wave" by Alvin Toffler "80 Ways the Eighties Will Change Your Life" by Richard Rhodes "Shero's System" by Larry Sloman Success and the Sis-Boom-Bah (NFL Cheerleaders) Penney Miller, Ita Siders, Jackie Rohrs, Vicki Clark, Wendy Len, Lynda Hatfield, Kimberly Smith, Deborah Kepley, Susan Grissaffi, Deborah Wagener, Linda Kellum, Sherie O'Brien, Susan Shauna Sullivan, Julie Jourdan, Irma Rahwyler and Linni Wood. Playboy's Playmate Review Missy Cleveland Candy Loving, Louann Fernald, Michele Drake, Dorothy Stratten, Dorothy Mays, Candace Collins, Sylvie Garant, Lee Ann Michelle, Denise McConnell, Vicki McCarty and Ursula Buchfellner.
Gig Gangel

February, 1980

Playmate of the Month Sandra Joyce Cagle photographed by Pomeo Posar. Interviews Pat Caddell by Peter Ross Range "Does Pornography Lead to Rape?" (Shana Alexander, Erica Jong, Judith Rossner, Flo Kennedy, Gene Abel, Michael J. Goldstein, William Simon, Edward Donnerstein, Seymour Feshbach, Sol Gordon, Nancy Borman, Floyd Abrams, Robert Mason, Mimi Silbert, John Money, Alan M. Dershowitz, Isabel Pinzler and Camille LeGrand) by Kate Nolan. Features "Women at War" by Robert Shea "The Buttondown Terror of David Duke" by Harry Crews "The Winter Olympics: Playboy's Picks" by Anson Mount "It Takes a Mountain" by John Skow. Suzanne Somers (Playmate test) photographed by Stan Malinowski, Candace Collins (cover) photographed by Tom Staebler, The Year in Sex.
Sandra Joyce Cagle

March, 1980

Playmate of the Month Henrietta Allais photographed by Arny Freytag and Richard Fegley. Interview Terry Bradshaw by Samantha Stevenson and Maury Z. Levy. 20 Questions Shelley Hack by David Rensin. Features "Bad Dreams in the Future Tense" by Walter L. Lowe "The Canny Conservatism of John Connally" by Geoffrey Norman "Who'd Profit From Legal Mariquana?" by Chris Barnett "Blast From the Past!" by Brock Yates. All That Fosse (All That Jazz) Roy Scheider, Bob Fosse, Sandahl Bergman, Keith Gordon, Rita Bennett, Sue Paul, Vicki Frederick, P.J. Mann, Melanie Hunter, Ann Reinking, Erzsebet Foldi, Leland Palmer, Jessica Lange and Deborah Geffner (men not nude). Melonie Haller photographed by Ken Marcus, Bo Derek (cover and inside) photographed by John Derek.
Henrietta Allais

April, 1980

Playmate of the Month Liz Glazowski photographed by Ken Marcus. Interview Linda Ronstadt by Jean Vallely. Personality "All The Freaking Way to the Bank" (Chuck Barris) by Tracy J. Johnstone. Features "Medicine and the Mind" by David Black "The American James Bond" by David C. Martin "The Tables Have Turned!" by Norman Eisenberg "You Have to be Liberated to Laugh" by Erica Jong "Playboy's Spring and Summer Fashion Forecast" by David Platt. Playboy's Playmate Reunion Cyndi Wood, Monique St. Pierre, Debra Jo Jondren, Live Lindleland Linda Gamble, Claudia Jennings, Lillian Muller, Jo Collins, Allison Parks, Lisa Baker, Janet Pilgrim, Vicki McCarty, Jayne Marie Mansfield, Missy Cleveland Terri Welles, Candy Collins, Victoria Cooke, Joni Mattis, Marianne Gaba, Janice Pennington, Connie Mason, Rosanne Katon, Kristine Hanson, Donna Michelle, Julie Woodson Delilah Henry, Miki Garcia, Julia Lyndon, Dolly Read, Valerie Perrine, Candy Loving, Monique St. Pierre, Sondra Theodore, Carol Vitale, Hugh Hefner, Shel Silverstein, LeRoy Neiman, Pompeo Posar, Jim Brown, Mario Casilli, Richard Dawson, Alberto Vargas and Mel Torme (no nudes of men). Women of the Armed Forces Susan Gage, Lisa Ann Woolf, Kim Hempfield, Bambi Lin Finney, Karen Cary, Cindy Lutz and Rebecca Vissman. Shari Shattuck (cover) photographed by Tom Staebler .
Liz Glazowski

May, 1980

Playmate of the Month Martha Thomsen photographed by Arny Freytag. Interview Gay Talese by Larry DuBois. Features "The Islam Connection" (Wallace D. Muhammad) by Bruce Michael Gans and Walter L. Lowe "Sex in America: Boston" by Ken Bode "The Toughest Job in Sports" by Jay Stuller. The (Sur)Real Miss World Silvana Suarez (Miss World 1978 and former Miss Argentina) photographed by Pierre Eggermont. Perfect Attendants January Whitaker, Charlie Newsom, Victoria Worley, Judith Huff, Linda Lehner, Colleen Rothschild, Tami Klein, Lindsey Remmell, Shellee Fowler-Cone, Kathleen Rowsey, Nancy Nachtigal, Karen Abbott, Katherine Lanyi, Janice Murdock, Julia Floyd, Janice Tomlinson, Paula Macoubrie, Laura Harrison, Leslie Lahman, Patrica Kelly, Christine Gibson, Kim Scolari, Tori Braun and David Cummings. Terri Knepper (cover) photographed by Arny Freytag.
Martha Thomsen

June, 1980

Playmate of the Year Dorothy Stratten (cover) photographed by Mario Casilli. Playmate of the Month Ola Ray photographed by Richard Fegley. Interview John Anderson by Robert Scheer. Features "Airline Safety: A Special Report" by Laurence Gonzales "Destination Hollyweird" by Craig Vetter "Winning Through Negotiation" by Andrew Tobias "The Good Guys" by Dan Greenburg "Critics' Choice" by Dick Brass. Fellini's Feminist Fantasy ("City of Women" film) Donatella Damiani, Sara Tafuri, Mirella D'Angelo, Karin Verlier, Elizabeth Rothman, Josiane Tanzilli and Brigitte Petronio.
Ola Ray

July, 1980

Playmate of the Month Teri Peterson photographed by Phillip Dixon. Interview Bruce Jenner by Jay Stuller. 20 Questions George Hamilton by John Calendo. Features "A Financial Strategy for the Eighties" by Charles A. Cerami "I Was a First-Class Stowaway" by Peter Dallas "Airline Safety: A Special Report" by Laurence Gonzales "Some Perspectives on the Penis" by Lynda Schor. Ten Ways to Find the Perfect 10 Dudley Moore (not nude) and models photographed by Mario Casilli.
Teri Peterson

August, 1980

Playmate of the Month Victoria Cooke photographed by Mario Casilli. Interview Dr. William Shockley by Syl Jones. Features "The Reagan Question" by Robert Scheer "The Doobie Brothers--From the Top" by John Eskow "Ten Kinds of Women to Avoid at All Costs" by Harry Stein "Playboy's Pro Football Preview" by Anson Mount. Girls of Hawaii Audria Wilson, Maile Seaman, Lori Lehuanani Kaohimaunu, Sherry Bush, Holliday Nejla Ozan, Rebecca Libadisos, Elise Travis, Elvina Taurua, Lei Ho (Don Ho's daughter), Pattie McKinley, Mimorie Acain, Carole Rose, Leilani Ketell, Sally Plada, Clarissa Matthews, Cherie Maiava, Kehaulani Cubio and Lourdes Ann Kananimanu Estores photographed by Richard Fegley and Ken Marcus. Bo Derek (cover and inside) photographed by John Derek.
Victoria Cooke



September, 1980

Playmate of the Month Lisa Welch photographed by Ken Marcus and Pompeo Posar. Interview Roy Scheider by Sam Merrill. Features "We'll Take Romance!" by John Sack "A Cowboy's Lament" by William J. Helmer "Silverfinger" by Harry Hurt III "Playboy's Pigskin Preview" by Anson Mount. Girls of the South West Conference Cheryl Carlson, Dana McConnell, Cheryl Coggins, Marta Violette, Patricia Maberry, Alisa Berne, Erin Bann, Vanessa Buchanan, Kaye Seynaeve, Dee Dockray, Valerie Lynn, Nesa Strong, Willa Windwehen, Cynthia Latson, Shirley and Suzanne Williams, Brenda Kepner, Cynthia Forney, Suzanne Schneider, Penny Baker, Carla McClain, Candyce Odom, Jennifer Martin, Ivy Pugh, Laura Squair, Mitzi Gehrs, Jodi Fisher, Beverly Banks and Judy Wardlaw photographed by David Chan and Nicholas De Sciose. Evelyn Guerrero photographed by Ken Marcus, Rita Lee (cover) photographed by Tom Staebler.
Lisa Welch

October, 1980

Playmate of the Month Mardi Jacquet photographed by Richard Fegley. Interview G. Gordon Liddy by Eric Norden. Features "Did the FBI Kill Viola Liuzzo?" by Johnny Greene "It's Not So Much Where as When You Go" by Stephen Birnbaum "The Sweet Spot in Time" by John Jerome. Girls of Canada Nancy Lee Pasukonis, Michelle McCulloch, Petra Susanne, Holley Garrett, Moira Shone, Cheryl A. Saunders, Carolyn Fritz, Sylvie Garant, Anne Woolley, Tracey Salvidge, Marjie Jenkins, Marie Gagnon, Kristine Winder, Maggie Brown, Noel Leger, Karen Patterson, Monique Proulx, Barbara Machudera, Brandy Stanford, Jacqui Cohen, Karen Hansen, Sammie Gre, Marine Jetty, Shelby Logan, Wendy Len, Lissa Wong, Sandy Steel,Deborah Currie, Virve Reid and Maureen Hidmarch photographed by David Chan. Lisa Lyon photographed by Mario Casilli, S.J. Fellowes (cover) photographed by Tom Staebler.
Mardi Jacquet

November, 1980

Playmate of the Month Jeana Toasino photographed by Richard Fegley. Interview Larry Hagman by David Rensin. 20 Questions Michael Douglas by Nancy Collins. Features "How I Gave Up Reading Financial Advice" by Asa Baber "How Washington Works" by Nicholas Von Hoffman "Playing With Pain" by Richard MacKenzie "It's No Fun Being a Girl" by D. Keith Mano. Beauty & Bureaucracy Krista Rae White, Theresa Reuss, Noreen Susan Ryan, Paula Parkinson, Sandy Funkhouser, Linda Maisel, Jeannette Wulff, Darlene Aubrey, Julie Shorter, Heidi Rewwer, Freda Cox, Brenda Girillo, Marcia Jordan, Annette Barefoot, Danita Bolden, Anne Arsenault, Barbara Budholdt, Robyn Tittle, Cheryl Jones and Molly Hamilton photographed by David Chan. Sex in Cinema 1980.
Jeana Toasino



December, 1980

Playmate of the Month Terri Welles photographed by Richard Fegley. Interview George C. Scott by Lawrence Grobel. 20 Questions Truman Capote by Nancy Collins. Features "Inside Khomeini's Iran" by Dick Gregory with Barbara Reynolds "Desire" by James R. Petersen "Holden Caulfield at Middle Age" by David Standish "Playboy's College Basketball Preview" by Anson Mount. Bunny Birthday Wanda Huizenga, Betsy LeVeille and C.J. Mobley, June Wilkinson, Cynthia Maddox, Joyce Nizzari, June Cochran, Carrie Radison, Terri Kimball, Kelly Collins, Joni Mattis, Christa Speck, Pat Higgenbotham, Sheralee Conners, Connie Mason, China Lee, Gloria Steinem (a.k.a. Marie Ochs), Lauren Hutton, Sharon Rogers, Kai Brendlinger, Marika Lukacs, Candis Eayrs, Marjie Martin, Dolly Read, Majksen Haugedal, Gwen Wong, Carole Green, Marilyn Cole, Gina Byrams, Deborah Harry (Blondie), Cynthia Myers, Karen Christy,Kathie Witt, Cheryl Lee, Jean Bell, Ava Cherry, Farrah Fawcett, Carol Vitale, Janet Lupo, Vicotia Cunningham, Glenda and Brenda Lott, Barbara Sawyer, Patti McGuire, Lynne Moody, Hope Olson, Yurika Aoki, Moira and Sheila Stone, Dorothy Stratten, Candace Collins, Venice Kong and Danita Jo Fox. Contemporary Masters: an Erotic Portfolio a portfolio from Bradley Smith's book "20th Century Masters of Erotic Art". Sex Stars of 1980 Bo Derek, John Trovolta, Robin Cook, Richard Gere, Clint Eastwood, Christopher Reeve, Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Margot Kidder, Valerie Perrine, Barbara Bach, Ringo Starr, Angie Dickinson, Jacqueline Bisset, Tanya Roberts, Shelley Hack, Victoria Principal, Robert Hays, Larry Hagman, Suzanne Somers, Loni Anderson, Lauren Hutton, Karen Hafter, Maud Adams, Christopher Atkins, Brooke Shields, Mat Dillon, Jodie Foster, Nastassja Kinski, Patti D'Arbanville, Gilda Radner, Steve Martin, Linda Ronstadt, Sally Kellerman, Sam Chew, Dudley Moore, Victoria Cooke, Robin Williams, Jayne and Leon Isaac Kennedy, Kim Cattrall, Cindy Pickett, Debra Winger, Sylvia Kristel, Ornella Muti, Laura Antonelli, Marilyn Chambers, Misty Rowe, Constance Forslund, Linda Kerridge, Deborah Harry, Sybil Danning and Dorothy Stratten. Linda Kerridge (Marilyn Monroe look-a-like) photographed by Richard Fegley.
Terri Welles