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January, 1979

This is the largest issue to date with 410 pages! It is the 25th Anniversary edition with  Just the Rabbit head logo on the cover! The interview is with Marlon Brando:  His most revealing Interview - Arthur C. Clarke:  A New Sci-Fi Novel - John Updike and Tom ("Cowgirls") Robbins:  New Stories from Two Virtuoso Novelists - Gore Vidal: Why sex is Politics - Ray Bradbury: Setting Sail for Out Space - Shel Silverstein: A Tale About a Country Singer and the Devil - Robert Morley: Why the English Like to Dress in Drag - Bill Cosby:  In Search of Muscles - David Halberstam:  The Small - A Glittering Review of The Year's Delightful Dozen Playmates, and a New Years Worth of Good Cheer to Celebrate the 25th Birthday of Americas Leading Magazine for Men
Candy Loving

February, 1979

Playboy hits the Jackpot with The Girls of Las Vegas -Playboy interviews The King of comedy Neil Simon - The Good The Bad and the Beautiful Sex 1978 - Strike the Teams:  Can The US Handle the Terrorist Threat?  Is There A Diesel in Your Future? - Arthur C. Clarke's Super Sci-Fi Thriller
Lee Ann Michelle.

March, 1979

Up Close and Personal The Cheerleaders who were Too Hot for the N.F.L- Alex Haley:  "My Problems With 'Roots'" - Who Are We? The Playboy Report on American Men - A First Look at Joseph Heller's Funniest Novel Since "Catch-22"
Denise McConnell

April, 1979

The Burger Court Are the Supremes Out Of Tune With The Times? - Music Awards Special 25 years of Rock and Roll - Malcolm Forbes Interview with the "Happiest Millionaire" - Debra Jo Fondren Unforgettable Photos of a Dream Girl - Sex in Chicago Getting it on In The Second City
Missy Cleveland

May, 1979

EXCLUSIVE! - The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe- Foreign Sex Stars - Dan Rather - Working The Vice Squad - Spring Fashions - A Surprise Playboy Interview -
Michele Drake

June, 1979

Playmate of the Year Monique St. Pierre - A Photo review of all past 25 Playmates of the Year! - Well Exuuuuuuse US! Some Short and Crazy Stories by Steve Martin - At Last!  The Winners of Playboy's First Humor Contest - Immmortality -Is it Just Around the Corner? - Treasure Hunting:  A Shark-Infested Business Scores Big
Louanne Fernald

July, 1979

The Girls of James Bond Exclusive Uncoverage from 007's Spectacular New Thriller "Moonraker" - Why Doctors Don't Know Antyhing About Sex - Patti McGuire (Connors) Revisted - The High-Powered Politics of Picking the Pope - The
Dorothy Mays.

August, 1979

Playmate of the Month is DOROTHY STRATTEN (soon after murdered by her husband). A photo shoot of  actress Natassja Kinski - Candy's Back:  A Loving Encore For Our 25th Anniversary Playmate - The Rolling Stones: An Insiders Seamy Story - Irwin Shaw:  First Look At His Great Novel - Nuclear Reactions:  Edward Teller Interviewed - Our Coming Atomic Wasteland.
Dorothy Stratten



September, 1979

WOMEN of Ivy League Revealed- Pete Rose Slams Fans, Management, Media, Plugs Self - Non-Nuke Ways to Survive Without Oil - Playboy Finds Phi Beta Kappa Playmate
Vicky McCarty

October, 1979

Burt Reynolds is not only the subject of this months interview but ON THE COVER TOO! No. 1 Box-Office Stare and his most revealing interview ever- Norman Mailer's Nonfiction Masterpiece:  The Life and Death of Gary Gilmore -The Miracles of Bear Bryant - Bodious & Beautiful Bunnies of '79
Ursula Buchfellner

November, 1979

Sex in the Cinema 1979 Masters and Johnson The Secrets of Incredible Sex - Condominiums: How You are Being Sold Out In the Real Estate Market - Norman Mailer's Gripping Study of Gary Gilmore
Sylvie Garant



December, 1979

414 pages of Gala Christmas Issue- Raquel Welch on the cover inside is a Photographic Celebration of the Decade's Most Desired Woman- Al Pacino Talks his FIRST EVER In-Depth Interview - Norman Mailer’s Stunning Account of Gary Gilmore's Final Hours - Betting the N.F.L. How to beat the Point Spread - Sex in Los Angeler-The Secret Life of Tinseltown - Playmates Encore Your All Time Favorites Look Better Then Ever
Candice L. Collins