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January, 1978

The Holiday Anniversary Issue kicks off the year with a hefty 290-page issue devoting 15 colorful and sexy pages to a Playmate Review from the past year. Great Moments in Sex in 1977 and fiction by Irwin Shaw and Erich Segal round out the issue. You’ll also find a tear-out Hollywood board game in January.
Linda Jensen

February, 1978

Spotlights various lovely international Playmates that have appeared in overseas issues of PLAYBOY.

March, 1978

Is a keeper issue with an exclusive PLAYBOY interview with 27-year-old Bob Dylan.

April, 1978

PLAYBOY notches up another exclusive with a article on R.F.K.-killer Sirhan Sirhan from his prison cell. You’ll love the April pictorial of “Sexy Sisters” in the buff and don’t miss the awesome photos of 19-year-old Playmate Pamela Jean Bryant… wow!
Pamela Jean Bryant

May, 1978

You'll find an explosive article on the public-sex offerings in New York City and an interview with controversial Anita Bryant.

June, 1978

Debra Jo Fondren is introduced as the PMOY and Bobby Baker speaks out about corruption in Washington, DC (do you mean politicians were corrupt way back in 1978?).

July, 1978

Pamela Sue Martin, the actress who plays Nancy Drew on TV is exposed au natural in the July issue and LeRoy Neiman fans will love the framable canvas-paper fold out painting of the Frazier vs. Ali heavyweight boxing match.

August, 1978

Panty lovers will love the upskirt shot on August’s cover and inside, sexy secretaries are featured in a pictorial. Soon to be billionaire Ted Turner speaks his mind about a lot of things in the PLAYBOY interview.



September, 1978

PLAYBOY’S famous “drug chart” appears in this issue along with Sly Stallone’s interview and you’ll get a kick out of an article about what it means to be “good in bed.”

October, 1978

Dolly Parton keeps her clothes on in this one but she rates a cover shot and an interview.

November, 1978

“Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa and Why” takes up a hot article in this issue and you’ll find great photos of some of PLAYBOY’S cutest little Bunnies.



December, 1978

Are you a Farrah Fan… you’ll find an inside look at her life and her fame in the huge December issue along with photos of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders in the buff. The very candid interview is with John Travolta. Lingerie lovers will warm over the pictorial titled “Brief Encounters.”