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January, 1977

Holiday Anniversary issue- Dan Greenberg - Isaac Bashevis Singer - Art Buchwald - Jimmy Breslin -Evan Hunter-Paul Krassner -Erica Jong's Sexy Follow Up to "Fear of Flying" - Mr. Death" The CIA's Lethal-Weapons Man - Behind Closed Doors "The Motel Tapes" - 12 Star Production: Our Playmate Review - Roots author Alex Haley is interviewed.
Susan Lynn Kiger

February, 1977

Raquel Welch More "Motel Tapes" - How the Mafia Hit "Crazy Joe" Gallo - Chiles Gulag - Close-up on Terror - Playmate hopefuls Previewed - New Monthly Sex Poll - Great Moments in Sex- '76 - Keith Stroup is interviewed!
Star Stowe

March, 1977

Henry Miller, Paul Theroux, Nick Von Hoffman - Aspen without the snow job - On location at a porn movie - Carter, Playboy and the Media: The Behind-the-scenes Story - A revealing interview: Senator Pat Moynihan
Nicki Thomas

April, 1977

The Secret Files of Howard Hughes - A Powerful Death-Row Investigation with death-row inmate Gary Gilmore interviewed- Dan Greenburg Goes to Sex Heaven
Lisa Sohm

May, 1977

Live from Playboy! The "Saturday Night" Gang is Interviewed - Inside the Terrorist Conspiracy: A Chilling Close-up - Vroom! Checking out the Big New Supercycles - A Pictorial for Grownups: The Mystique of the Older Woman - The Extended Male Orgasm: You Can Change your Sexlife
Sheila Mullen

June, 1977

C.B. Dream Girl Patti McGuire is Introduced as the Playmate of the Year - Robert "Baretta" Blake is interviewed before the murder of his wife! - The Life and Death of Freddie Prinze - Telly Savalas Marilyn Chambers Johnny Miller Neil Simon and others "How I Handled Sudden Money"
Virve Reid

July, 1977

A pictorial of The New Porn Stars: Beautiful and Talented - Ford Press Aide Ron Nessen: Blue Jokes In the White House - An interview with Outspoken Ambassador Andrew Young: Will Diplomacy Ever be the Same? - the first Playmate Data Sheet - Other Highlights include Marilyn Chambers and Linda Lovelace inside this issue.
Sondra Theodore

August, 1977

A "Fonzie" the kids don't know" Henry Winkler is interviewed - Death, Drugs and the Double Cross John Le Carre's New Spy Thriller - Wet Women Pattie McGuire and Friends Conquer Colorado - Playboys Pro Football Forecast - The Perils of Living Together
Julia Lyndon.



September, 1977

Another historic PLAYBOY interview Martin Luther King Jr. assassin James Earl Ray TALKS - Girls of the Big Ten - Irwin Shaw: The Dramatic Sequel to "Rich Man Poor Man" - Playboys College Football Forecast -  a pictorial featuring singer Jean Manson!
Debra Jo Fondren

October, 1977

Barbra Streisand The FIRST in-depth interview - "What's a nice Jewish girl like me doing on the cover of Playboy?" - Ladies of the night: A ten page pictorial - The Bogus-Money Blitz: A national disaster - "Beggarman, Theif"" Irwin Shaw's Sequel to "Rich Man,Poor Man" - Nureyev Nude with MICHELE PHILLIPS
Kristine Winder

November, 1977

Billy Carter mouths off on Beer, Women and his brother the President - Bunnies '77 They've Got it They Flaunt it - Hot off the Screen Sex in Cinema - Playboys first EVER College Basketball Forecast
Rita Lee.



December, 1977

This issue is HUGE 374 pages - Fat, Juicy Christmas issue -our biggest issue ever - The Playmate House Party you Didn't See On TV - A Far Out Interview with the late John Denver- Close-ups of Bill Walton - Kris Kristofferson- Burt Reynolds - Great Moments in Sexual Censorship - On Tour with Japan - The Ultimate Exercise Primer - "Swingers' Scrapbook" A weird, wild Photo Essay - Playboy's Do-It-Yourslef Paper Starship
Ashley Cox