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January, 1976

The cover of this Holiday Anniversary Issue is all 12 Playmates from 1976 nude - Playmates a Delicious Dozen. - A new serries by author James McKinley begins "Assassination in America."- Dan Greenburg - The Interview is with singer Elton John - Ali on Sex and Sports - Fiction by Nabokob and Cheever
Daina House

February, 1976

Interview is with actor James Caan Down With Libbers- A Guide to Your Sex Dreams - SAPS In Cinema:  Actors and Their Dumbest Roles - The Worst Agency Yet - Federal Drug Busters - Playboys History of Assassination in America - A parody of "Ragtime" by Ziggy and David Steinberg
Laura Lyons

March, 1976

Interview with Norman Lear - The Steamy Sequel to "Emmanuelle" - A Skeptics Guide to The 1976 elections - Hanging out with Rocks New Superstar Bruce Springsteen - Jogging Can Kill You - Beyond "The Best" Peter Passell on Hot to do EVERYTHING - A Playmate Returns to Act out her Favorite Fantasy HOT STUFF
Ann Pennington

April, 1976

The interview is with the Enigmatic Governor of  California Jerry Brown - Defy the IRS A Revoluntionary Movement Takes Root in America - The Gripping New Sherlock Holmes - Andress Undressed!  The Triumphant Return of Ursulat - Music '76:  Poll Winners and News Makers - HowAdam lost his virginity
Denise Michele

May, 1976

The interview with fugitive Yippie leader Abbie Hoffman - The Private Demones of our Late President Gerald Ford - Sex, Sun and the Best-Kept Secret in the Caribbean - Who Killed John Kennedy
Patricia Margo McClain

June, 1976

The Playmate of the Year Lillian Miller is introduced - A Chilling interview with the woman who tried to assassinate President Gerry Ford, Sara Jane Moore "The Real Reason I tried to Kill President Ford" - The Whale War:  High Noon at Sea with The Russians - Was Richard Nixon a Wimp in High School? Was Ann-Margaret?  Raquel Welch? Playboy tells all - Sex is Good for your Body, Speeding is good for your Soul!
Debra Peterson

July, 1976

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA - A pictorial with Jayne Marie, Jayne Mansfield's daughter - Sarah Miles and Kris Kristofferson in the Sexiest Stap Pictorial EVER - The Playboy Boat Stable - Art Buchwold Fingers our Founding Fathers - The Real Lily Tomlin Stands up -  Karl Hess is interviewed
Deborah Borkman

August, 1976

A Sizzling Pictorial:  Sex in the Great Outdoors - Playboys Pro Football Preview - Israel's Secret Team of Executioners- A personal Account of Three-Way Sex - Robest Altman is interviewed
Linda Beatty



September, 1976

The Girls of Washington (including Supersecretary Elizabeth Ray and Superswimmer Fanne Foxe) - College Football Predictions From the Wizard of Playboy - Hughes and Nixon and the CIA:  The Watergate Conspiracy Woodward and Bernstein Missed - Be the first on your Block!  Your very own Rabbit t-shirt press-on - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.'s New novel "Slapstick."
Whitney Kaine

October, 1976

19-year-old MELANIE GRIFFITH nude in a PLAYBOY pictorial - Bunnies '76 Bolder and Sexier than ever - Sex on Campus:  College Life Heats up as the Coeds Get it on - Roone Arledge:  The King of TV sports is interviewed - How Memphis Lynched "Deep Throat" - "Roots":  A Preview of Alex Haley's blockbuster
Hope Olson

November, 1976

This issue is now infamous - Now, The REAL Jimmy Carter on Politics, Religion, The Press and Sex in an incredible Playboy Interview - You and the Stock Market:  Where the big money is - Turn on to to our C.B. Playmate:  Playmate of the month is cover Girl Patti McGuire
Patti McGuire



December, 1976

The Gala Christmas issue How's this for starters? Norman Mailer - Dick Gregory - Joyce Carol Oates - Mario Puzo- Bruce Jay Friedman - Robert Sheckman - Honey Bruce on Life with Lenny - The interview is with former-NFL SuperStar O.J. Simpson - Sex Stars of the 1976 - Fellinis Wild New Movie On Cassanova And His Conquests - And - You can take it - A quiz to see if You're really Sexually liberated
Karen Hafter