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January, 1975

Playmate of the Month Lynnda Kimball photographed by Mario Casilli. Interview John Dean by Barbara Cady. Features "A Very Expensive High" by Richard Rhodes ""Does Your Husband Know You're Bisexual?"" by John Medelman. The Playboy Mansion West Hugh M. Hefner, Michael Callan, Karen Malouf, Barbi Benton (nude), Sammy Davis Jr., Wilt Chamberlain, Lynnda Kimball, Peter Lawford, Michael Callan, Ingeborg Sorensen, Jason Miller, Sal Iannucci, Ed Rissien, Dan Busby, Staurt Whitman, Bill Cosby, John Phillip Law, Linda Lovelace, John Rockwell, Leonard Ross, Peter Sellers, Cyndi Wood, Ursula Andress (nude), Tisa Farrow (nude), Sharon Johansen (nude), Kathy Baumann (nude), Tony Curtis, Jimmy Boyd, Keith Hefner, Joe De Carlo, Don Adams, Yul Brynner, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Janice Pennington, Burton Joseph, Ralph Nader, Red Buttons, Lloyd Bridges, Groucho Marx, Marilyn Cole, Jim Brown, Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood, Joe Namath, David Janssen, Paul Newman, James Caan, Warren Cowan, Barbara Leight, Anthony Quin, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson, Elki Sommer, Joe Hyams, Karen Black and Christine Maddox (nude). Playboy's Playmate Review Francine Parks, Nancy Cameron, Kristine Hanson, Ester Cordet, Sandy Johnson, Jean Manson, Carol Vitale, Bebe Buell, Janice Raymond, Marlene Morrow, Marilyn Lange and Pam Zinszer. George Plimpton: Playboy Photographer. Brigitte Bardot.
Lynnda Kimball

February, 1975

Playmate of the Month Laura Misch photographed by Richard Fegley. Interview Mel Brooks by Brad Darrach. Personality "Jimmy Connors Against the World" by Peter Ross Range. Features "Banks on the Brink" by John B. Tipton "Stress" by Stephen H. Yafa "Going Down in Valdeez" by Harry Crews "Jazz & Pop '75" by Nat Hentoff. The French Maid Models photographed by Richard Fegley. Linda Lovelace photographed by Ken Marcus and Charles W. Bush, Laura Misch (cover) photographed by Richard Fegley.
Laura Misch

March, 1975

Ingeborg Sorenson; sensational black and white pictorial of Margot Kidder (shot by Douglas Kirkland) with text by Margot herself; interview with then-reigning queen of tennis, Billie Jean King; dual essays on "Who's Afraid of Hard Times", by William Rickenbacker and Larry King; Pompeo Posar, Bill Arsenault; a single-page VARGAS GIRL (the last Vargas published?); Little Annie Fanny. Playmate of the Month Ingeborg Sorenson gatefold photographed by Mario Casilli. Interview Billie Jean King by Joe Hyams. Personality "Just a Good Ole Rhodes Scholar" (Kris Kristofferson) by Jack McClintock. Features "Elmer Gantry for President" by Robert Sherrill "Tally Ho in the Pentagon" by James W. Canan "Who's Afraid of Hard Times?" by William F. Rickenbacker. Ripped Off Photographs by Robert Kelling, Pompeo Posar, Gus Gregory, Garrick Peterson, Dennis Scott and Paul Gremmler. Margot Kidder photographed by Douglas Kirkland article by Margot Kidder, Eva Maria (cover) photographed by Pompeo Posar. 
Ingeborg Sorenson

April, 1975

Victoria Cunningham; Interview: Dustin Hoffman, plus a one-page interview with Miles Davis; actress Valerie Perrine; Bed and Board, featuring nudes and foods by by photogs Helmut Newton, Bill Arsenault, Ken Marcus and Richard Fegley; memoir of Benjamin C. Bradlee (Executive Editor of the Washington Post) featuring conversations with John F. Kennedy; Arnold Roth's History of Sex, part IV. Playmate of the Month Victoria Cunningham photographed by Mario Casilli. Interview Dustin Hoffman by Richard Meryman. Features "Conversations With Kennedy" by Benjamin C. Bradlee ""Don't the Arabs Understand?"" by Reg Potterton "How I Wiped Up the Court with Pancho Gonzales" by Peter Nord "A Walk in the Country" by Harry Crews. Bed & Board Photographes by Helmut Newton, Bill Arsenault, Phil Hastings, Ken Marcus and Garry Gross. Donyale Luna photographed by Luigi Cazzaniga, Cyndi Wood (cover) photographed by Bill Arsenault, Valeria Perrine.
Victoria Cunningham

May, 1975

Playmate of the Month Bridgett Rollins photographed by Pompeo Posar. Interview William E. Simon by Peter J. Ognibene. Features "The Fight" by Norman Mailer "Houston" by Jay Cronley "It's a Plot!" by Mordecai Richler. His And/Or Hers photographed by Mario Casilli. "T"Formations (the proletarian skivy has come a long way, baby) Models photographed by Phillip Dixon. Carol Christie (cover) photographed by Stan Malinowski, Gwen Welles pictures.
Bridgette Rollins

June, 1975

Azizi Johari; Marilyn Lange PMOY & cover; profile of photographer Richard Avedon; interview with novelist Joseph Heller; Norman Mailer completes the story of the Ali-Foreman title fight in Zaire with "The Fight, Part II"; a rare photo of director Steven Spielberg on the set of "Jaws" and Gato Barbieri, both "On the Scene"; Arnold Roth's riotous "History of Sex" comic strip, part V; Sex in Cinema French Style pictorial features Catherine Deneuve, Romy Schneider, Sirpa Lane, Paloma Picasso and others. Playmate of the Year Marilyn Lange (cover) photographed by Dwight Hooker. Playmate of the Month Azizi Johari photographed by Ken Marcus. Interview Joseph Heller by Sam Merrill. Personality "Pictures of (Richard) Avedon by Owen Edwards. Features "Loathe Thy Neighbor" by Richard Rhodes "The Fight" by Norman Mailer. Sex in Cinema -- French Style Bernadette Lafont, Catherine Deneuve (neither nude), Anicee Alvina, Philippe Noiret (not nude), Brigitte Ariel, Aurore Clement, Anne Libert, Fabio Testi, Romy Schneider, Mireille Darc, Sirpa Lane (not nude), Christine Lelouch, Pierre Blaise, Didier Haudepin, Muriel Catala, Poloma Picasso, Michel Piccoli, Sylvia Kristel, Marika Green and Christine Boisson.
Azizi Johari

July, 1975

Playmate of the Month Lynn Schiller photographed by Larry Dale Gordon. Interview Francis Ford Coppola by William Murray. Features "The Good Doctor" by Roger Rapoport "You Gotta Believe" by Laurence Gonzales "Jimmy the Greek's Crash Course on Vegas" by Mike Rich "How to Make Money When all are Losing Theirs" by Lee Berton. A Long Look at Legs photographes by Paul Gremmler, Robert Keeling, Francois Robert, Arthur Paul, Don Azuma, Pomeo Posar, Bill Arsenault, Ken Marcus and Richard Fegley. Lynn Schiller (cover) photographed by Phillip Dixon, Laura Blears Ching.
Lynn Schiller

August, 1975

Playmate of the Month Lillian Muller (cover) photographed by Suze Randall and Dwight Hooker. Interview Phillip Agee by Brad Darrach. Features "A Kafka Story, But It's True" by John Marks "The CIA's Quiet Little War in Laos" by Fred Branfman "The CIA Scaplet Cut Deep" by Kenneth Barton Osborn "Vengeance Under the Law" by Peter Schrag "Dr. Bell's Monster" by Craig Karpel "Love for Rent" by Donn Pearce "Playboy's Pro Football Preview" by Anson Mount "Head Raider" by Wells Twombly. The Department Store Model photographed by Richard Fegley. Kim Komar photographed by Pomeo Posar.
Lillian Muller



September, 1975

Messina Miller; pictorial of various Playmates and models as superheroes and comic strip characters; Playboy's 1975 Preview All-American football team includes photos of offensive and defensive teams including future greats Archie Griffin (Ohio St.), Joe Washington (Oklahoma), Ed Simonini (Texas A & M); LeRoy Selmon (Oklahoma); Manhattan Transfer and Monty Python's Flying Circus featured in "On the Scene"; WWII art including a rare full-page reproduction of Adolf Hitler as a knight in armor; interview with "Fear of Flying" author, Erica Jong. Playmate of the Month Mesina Miller photographed by Bill and Mel Figge. Interview Erica Jong by Gretchen McNeese. Features "Three Love Poems" (Time Zones, Property Settlement and The Puzzle) by Erica Jong "Bring Me the Head of Timothy Leary" by Craig Vetter "Only the Strong Survive" by John Skow "Playboy's Pigsking Preview" by Anson Mount "The Evolution of a Soldier" by James Jones. Comic-Strip Capers Models photographed by Richard Fegley. Amy Arnold (cover) photographed by Phillip Dixon. 
Messina Miller

October, 1975

Playmate of the Month Jill de Vries photographed by Dwight Hooker. Interview Cher by Eugenie Ross-Leming and David Standish. Personality "Charles Bronson Ain't No Pussycat" by Harry Crews. Features "Nelson Rockefeller Takes Care of Everybody" by Robert Scheer. Listzomania (film) Roger Daltrey, Anulka Dziubinska, Fiona Lewis, John Justin, Sara Kestelman, Imogen Claire, Paul Nicholas, Veronica Quilligan, Ringo Starr (not nude). Sappho Part one of photographer J. Frederick Smith's portfolio of stunning portraits inspired by ancient greek poems of loving women.
Jill de Vries

November, 1975

Playmate of the Month Janet Lupo photographed by Pompeo Posar. Interview Muhammad Ali by Lawrence Linderman. Personality "Is Randy Newman a Redneck Cole Porter?" by Grover Lewis. Features "Can the Volunteer Army Fight?" by Josiah Bunting "Radio S-E-M-I" by William Neely "The Eden Express" by Mark Vonnegut "Been Going Down so Long" by James R. Petersen. Bunnies of '75 Beth Martin, Nini Minor, Naomi Lee, Samantha Brown, Janice Raymond, Vicki Vannini, Terri Mitchell, Victoria Cunningham, Desiree DeMarra, Tara Silcock, Laura Lyons, Candy Collins, Cindy Brown, Nancy Staskin, Phoedra Durst, Janet Lupo and Barbara Sayer. Sex in Cinema 1975, Patricia Margot McClain (cover) photographed by Phillip Dixon.
Janet Lupo



December, 1975

Playmate of the Month Nancy Li Brandi photographed by Richard Fegley. Interview Jimmy Hoffa by Jerry Stanecki. Features ""It Gets Dark Every Night"" by Jerry Stanecki "Who's the Bull Goose Loony Here?" by Grover Lewis "The Code Battle" by David Kahn "The Second Rape of the West" by Edward Abbey "Dueling Jocks" by William Neely "I Caught Flies for Howard Hughes" by Ron Kistler. Story of O (film) Corine Clery. Sex Stars of 1975 Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Goldie Hawn, Valerie Perrine, Jack Nicholson, Robert Redford, Charles Bronson, Jill Irland Ann-Margret, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Raquel Welch, James Caan, Burt Reynolds, Faye Dunaway, Clint Eastwood, Candice Bergen, Sylvia Kristel, Fiona Lewis, Roger Daltrey, Maria Schneider, Brigitte Ariel, Charlotte Rampling, Michael York, Susan Blakely, Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson, Jan-Michael Vincent, Susan Sarandon, Ken Norton, Brenda Sykes, Linda Haynes, Margot Kidder, Sarie Eubank, Maria Lynn, Linda Lovelace, Brigitte Maier, Marc Stevens, Barbara Bourbon, Jean Jenning, Enjil von Bergdorf, Keith Carradine, Cristina Raines (a.k.a. Tina Herazo), Shelley Duvall, Karen Black, Gwen Welles and Ronee Blakley. Lillian Muller (cover) photographed by Richard Shafer, photos by Francios Robert.
Nancie Li Brandi