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January, 1972

Marilyn Cole (PMOY) Centerfold Interview with Germaine Greer The Playboy Car Stable Kubrick’s “Clockwork Orange”-Pictorial Fiction by Richard Hooker, John Cheever, Joyce Carol Oates and Ray Bradbury That Was The Year That Was-Humor The Exhibitionists-11 “flasher” cartoons by Phil Interlandi More humor by Gene Siskel and Robert Morley Ribald Classic 2-page Vargas Girl PLAYBOY’S PLAYMATE REVIEW Featuring such favorites as: Liv Lindeland; Leiko English; Willy Rey; Cathy Rowland and Cynthia Hall Much more, Classic seventies Playboy.
Marilyn Cole

February, 1972

P.J. Lansing; Barbara Carrera; The Making of MacBeth pict.; Angel Tompkins; Interview with R. Buckminster Fuller. The Making Of “Macbeth”-Pictorial Essay Angel-Pictorial Signs Of Love-Pictorial Essay My Funky Valentine-Humor The Hole Earth Catalog-Parody VARGAS GIRL Ribald Classic Who Are We?-Pictorial Essay.
P. J. Lansing

March, 1972

Ellen Michaels; Dominique Sanda pict. Ellen Michaels-Centerfold Interview with Saul Alinsky. The Terminal Man-Fiction by Michael Crichton. Light Whiskey’s-Article by Thomas Mario Pallette-able Sex-Humor 2-page VARGAS GIRL Magnifique Dominique-Pictorial ”Savages”-Pictorial Ribald Classic The Shirt Off Her Back-Pictorial.
Ellen Michaels

April, 1972

Vicki Peters Playmate of the Month.; Jack Nicholson interview.; poems of Mao Tse-Tung. Vicki Peters-Centerfold Interview with Jack Nicholson. Pop’s Girls -Pictorial Fiction by Herbert Gold and Michael Crichton Ribald Classic. Vargas Girl. 12-Orgy Cartoons by Alden Erikson. Pictorial on Tiffany Bolling.
Vicki Peters

May, 1972

Deana Baker Playmate of the Month; Barbi Benton cover;Deanna Baker Bunny/Playmate-Centerfold Interview with Howard Cosel Valerie Perrine-Pictorial Chairman Mao I Presume-Humor Monday’s Child-Pictorial 2-page Vargas Girl Bestial Sex-Humor The Terminal Man-fiction by Michael Crichton Ribald Classic Much more, vintage Playboy at it’s best!
Deana Baker

June, 1972

Liv Lindeland cover and Playmate Of The Year; Sissy Spacek; Debbie Davis-Centerfold. Interview with Jackie Stewart. Those Sexy French Literary Ladies-Pictorial. Essay Love For Sale-Pictorial. The Fine Art Of Being The Boss by J. Paul Getty. Ribald Classic 2-page Vargas Girl. Little Annie Fanny.
Debbie Davis

July, 1972

Paula Pritchett & Paula Kelly pict. Carol O'Neal-Centerfold. Interview with Anthony Herbert. Nude pictorial on Paula Pritchett and Paula Kelly. Ribald Classic Passion In Senior City-8 senior sex cartoons by John Dempsey. History Of Lingerie. 2-page Vargas Girl. Much more, vintage 70’s Playboy at it’s best!
Carol O'Neal

August, 1972

Linda Summers-Centerfold. Interview with Sam Peckinpah. Boxcar Bertha-Pictorial with Barbara Hershey. Ernie Kovacs-Personality. A Playboy Pad-Modern Living. Sex And Sin In Sheboygan. Ribald Classic 2-page Vargas Girl. 12-page Pictorial Essay on The Girls of Munich; Carole Vitale cover.
Linda Summers


September, 1972

Susan Miller-Centerfold. Humor by Woody Allen. The Drug Explosion-Five Articles On Drugs. M*A*S*H Dish Karen Phillip-Pictorial. Student Bodies-Pictorial. 2-page Vargas Girl. Ribald Classic. Little Annie Fanny. A Heady History Of Beer!; Sandra Jozefski cover.
Susan Miller

October, 1972

Sharon Johansen-Centerfold. Interview with Meir Kahane Fiction by Robert Crichton and Alan Goldfein. Daniel Ellsberg-Personality. Ribald Classic. 10-page Pictorial on the Bunnies of 1972! Lynn Myers cover; Brenda Sykes & Stella Stevens pictorial.
Sharon Johansen

November, 1972

Lenna Sjooblom-Centerfold. Interview with muckraker Jack Anderson. Variation On A Vadim Theme-Pictorial. Essay Hustling The Youth Vote-Article. 2-page Vargas Girl. Everything Dr. Reuban Doesn’t Know About Sex-Article. The Great American Authors Test-Humor. Ribald Classic. Symbolic Sex-Humor. Little Annie Fanny. Sex in Cinema 1972; Pamela Rawlings cover; Gwen Welles pictorial.
Lenna Sjooblom


December, 1972

Mercy Rooney-Bunny/Playmate centerfold. And A Bald Eagle In A plum Tree-Humor. Woman Eternal-Pictorial. Truckin’ With Gretchen by Craig Vetter. A Startling Astarte-Pictorial. Playboy’s Christmas Cards-Humor by Judith Wax. My First Orgy by Dan Greenburg. Essay By Ray Bradbury. Parody by Woody Allen. 2-page Vargas Girl. Ribald Classic. Sex Stars Of 1972, Victoria Principal, Ali McGraw; Barbara Hershey and others. . This huge (346 pages) Holiday issue has everything you enjoy about Playboy!
Mercy Rooney

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