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January, 1971

Playmate of the Month Liv Lindeland photographed by Alexas Urba. Interview Mae West by C. Robert Jennings. Personality "High Noon for Broadway Joe (Namath)" by Lawrence Linderman. Features "The High Cost of Fame (Symposium) with Michael Crichton, James Dickey, Sam Houston Johnson, Joe McGinniss, Mario Puzo, Gay Taliese, Studs Terkel, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Dan Wakefield "Cleansing the Environment" by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson "Saving the Cities" by Mayor Carl B. Stokes "Eradicating Poverty" by Michael Harrington "The Future of Ecstasy" by Alan Watts. The Act of Love Models photographed by Maury Hammond. Playboy's Playmate Review Jill Taylor, Sharon Clark, Linda Forsyth, Barbara Hillary, Carol Willis, Christine Koren, Debbie Ellison, Avis Miller, Mary and Madeleine Collinson (twins), Elaine Marton, Jennifer Liano and Carol Imhof. Countess Vera Gottlieb von Lehndorff (a.k.a. Veruschka) photographed by Franco Rubartelli, cover photographed by Bill Arsenault.
Liv Lindeland

February, 1971

Playmate of the Month Willy Rey photographed by Mario Casilli. Interview Tom Murton by Geoffrey Norman. Features "Bussman's Holiday" by William Iversen "The Intelligent Man's Guide to Intellegence" by Morton Hunt "Histories of the Future" by Arthur Schlesinger Jr. "Nearer, Silent Majority, To Thee" by Saul Braun "Jazz & Pop '71" by Nat Hentoff. The Statue (film) Alex Bolt, David Niven, Katerina Litfeldt, Veronica Gardnier, Eva St. Laurent and Ann Bell (not all nude) photographed by Angelo Frontoni. Fran Jeffries photographed by Jay Arnold, cover photogaphed by Bill Arsenault.
Willy Rey

March, 1971

Playmate of the Month Cynthia Hall photographed by David Chan. Interview Dick Cavett by Harold Ramis. Personality William Kunstler by Mike Royko. Features "Shark!" by Peter Matthiessen "The Roots of Radicalism" by Burno Bettelheim and Richard Flacks "Executive Chess" by Hal Higdon. Amsterdam...And the Girls of Holland Ann Louise Helleman, Sylvia Out, Maryke Kleyn, Marja de Heer, Tula Goede, Saskia Holleman, Willy Veldhuizen, Joke Veldhorst, Kelena Kuulkers, Fernande Huybregts, Truitje Wytema, Berdyke Gommers, Marion van Renssen, Anke Verbeek, Cato Margaretha Polman, Pauline Erich, Nanna Beetstra, Anne McConnell, Maureen Renzen, Marjolyn Booy, Marina Barendswaard, Marion Swaab, Willy Leedekerken, Anneke Le-Maitre and Marian de Vree photographed by Alexas Urba. Peggy Smith (cover) photographed by David Chan, Cheri Latimer.
Cynthia Hall

April, 1971

Playmate of the Month Chris Cranston. Discussion Playboy Panel: Homosexuality Irving Bieber, Paul Goodman, Richard H. Kuh, Dick Leitsch, Phyllis Lyon, Marya Mannes, Judd Marmor, Tec McIlvenna, Morris Ploscowe, William Simon and Kenneth Tynan. Personality "Great (George C.) Scott!" by Saul Braun. Features "Sixth Sense" by Jules Siegel "Zubin and the Mothers" by F.P. Tullius. Vadim's "Pretty Maids" (Pretty Maids All in a Row, film) Roger Vadim, Gretchen Burel, Margaret Markov, Rock Hudson, Brenda Skyes, Angie Dickinson, John David Carson, Joy Bang, Barbara Leigh, Joanna Cameron, Joyce Williams, June Fairchild and Aimee Eccles (not all nude), text by Roger Vadim. Lana Wood (Natalie Wood's sister), Simone Hammerstrand (cover) photographed by Alexas Urba.
Chris Cranston

May, 1971

Playmate of the Month Janice Pennington. Interview John Wayne by Richard Warren Lewis. Personality "The Stuff of Poetry: James Dickey" by Geoffrey Norman. Features "Power Play" by Robert Sherrill "World 42: Freaks O" by Garry Willis ""Slow Down, You Move Too Fast"" by Daid Butler. The Bunnies of New York Karen Ferber, Beverly Taylor, Debbie Ellison, Waren Smith, Gina Byrams, Anita Jabbour, Gina Loren, Gisela Moseman, Ricki Shapiro, Barbara Hillary, Vikki Gatling, Suzi Mitchell, Judy Juterbock, Candice Bajada, Monique Murphy, Helena Antonaccia, Shari Marcell, Dee Levin, Carmel Atwell, Janice Shilinsky, Leni Campbell, Tonya Mohommed, Lee Wydra, Emma Patterson, Diane Richardson, Nikki Minick, Dee Saffold, Jody Irushalmi, Brigitte Gartenberg, Dianne Hall and Pam Powers. Sarah Kennedy photographed by Steve Schapiro, Diane Davies (cover) photographed by J. Barry O'Rourke.
Janice Pennington

June, 1971

Playmate of the Year Sharon Clark (cover) photographed by Alexas Urba. Playmate of the Month Lieko English photographed by Pompeo Posar. Interview Albert Speer by Eric Norden. Personality "The 24 Hours of Steve McQueen" by John Skow. Features "Centre Court" by John McPhee "The Sounds of Silence" by Edward and Mildred Hall "Funeral in Jackson" by Craig Vetter. Nude Theatre Photographer Max Waldman captures the sensuous lyricism of the unclad body as dramatic expression. Premier Playmates Revisited Ellen Stratton, Linda Gamble, June Cochran, Christa Speck, Donna Michelle, Jo Collins, Allison Parks, Lisa Baker, Victoria Vetri, Connie Kreski and Claudia Jennings.
Lieko English

July, 1971

Playmate of the Month Heather Van Every photographed by David Chan. Interview John Cassavettes by Lawrence Linderman. Personality "Leary In Limbo" (Timothy Leary) by Donn Pearce. Features "The Porn is Green" by John Bowers "An End to All This" by Richard M. Koff "Pick of the Day Sailers" by Bill Robinson. Linda Evans photographed by John Derek, Kay Sutton York (cover) photographed by Mario Casilli, Natividad Abascal.
Heather Van Evry

August, 1971

Playmate of the Month Cathleen Lynn "Cathy" Rowland photographed by Mario Casilli. Interview George McGovern. Features "$8884.42 a Second" by Richard Rhodes "Goodbye to the Blind Slash Dead Kid's Hooch" by Arthur Hadley "The Future of Marriage" by Morton Hunt "Champagne Country" by Joseph Wechsberg "Net Assets" by Pancho Gonzales "Playboy's First Pro Football Preview" by Anson Mount. The Age of Awakening Models photographed by David Hamilton. Bunnies of 1971 Joan Lusenhop, Donna Silsby, Linda King, Songe Songey, Mary Avram, Judy Juterbock, Crystal Smith, Nicole Cisar, Wendy Abbett, Marilyn Cole, Brittney Lee, Ann Shettle, Brenda Honey, Jackie Sabatino, Ava Cherry, Gina Loren, Morgan Wyler, Lynn Cole, Mary Taylor, Carolyn Bedient, Kim Bjornson, Carol Vitale, Lorna Scoville and Carole Green. Christy Miller (cover) photographed by Dwight Hooker.
Cathleen Lynn "Cathy" Rowland



September, 1971

Playmate of the Month Crystal Smith (cover) photographed by Dwight Hooker. Interview Jules Feiffer by Larry DuBois. Features "Who Runs the Government? by Robert Semple "Playboy's Pigskin Preview" by Anson Mount "Collecting for Fun and (Maybe) Profit" by Michael Laurence. Surreal Ladies Models photographed by Shig Ikeda. Girls of the Golden West Karen Nichole, Javon Monahan, Karen and Christy Flagg, Sandy Benson, Teresa Rietan, Joyce Anderson, Sharon Silfies, Norma Wickliff, Celine Lafreniere, Donna Gillette and Janet Boyd photographed by Don Ornitz.
Crystal Smith

October, 1971

Playmate of the Month Clarie Rambeau photographed by Pompeo Posar. Interview Charles Evers by Eric Norden. Personality Dick Butkus by Arthur Kretchmen. Features "More Futures Than One" by Poul Anderson "A.C.L.U. -- Let There be Law" by Peter Andrews "Twilight of the Primitive" by Lewis Cotlow "Immortality is Fully Deductible" by Craig Karpel. The Porno Girls Jayme Collins, Maria Arnold, Karin Anderson, Erik Sorenson, Mary Rexroth, Amanda Muir, Helene Mikkelsen, Susannah Fields (a.k.a. Cindy Hopkins), Lesbeth Tagge, Marvo Alleyne, Lisbeth Westergaard, Laura Cannon, Carla Lockhart, Cherie Porter, Mette Lovstrand Jaqueline Martin, Jason Williams, Nora Wieternik, Helen Lang and Emily Smith. Darine Stern (cover) photographed by Richard Fegley, Marisa Berenson.
Claire Rambeau

November, 1971

Playmate of the Month Danielle de Vabre photographed by Dwight Hooker. Interview Allen Klein by Craig Vetter. Features "To Be Continued" by Alex Comfort "Thanksgiving in Florence" by John Clellon Holmes "The Tom McMillen Affair" by Lawrence Linderman "A Revolution in the Church" by Garry Willis "Shenandoah Breakdown" by David Standish "The Life and Times of Henry Miller" (with photos) by Henry Miller. Retiring Personalities Models photographed by J. Frederick Smith. Debbie Hanlon (cover) photographed by Dwight Hooker.
Danielle de Vabre



December, 1971

Playmate of the Month Karen Christy photographed by Pompeo Posar. Interview Roman Polanski by Larry DuBois. Features "New York - A Town Without Foreplay" by Bruce Jay Friedman "Can the Real Howard Hughes" by Edwin Fadiman Jr. "...Still Stand Up?" by James Phelan "Shelley" by Dan Greenburg "The Coming of the Psychopath" by Alan Harrington "Crazy Kids Cross the Ocean" by Herbert Gold "My Last Mugging" by Murray Kempton. Personal Visions of the Erotic Models photographed by Skrebneski, Ben Rose, Will McBride, Francesco Scavullo, Pete Turner, Art Kane, J. Fredrick Smith, Douglas Kirkland and Joel Baldwin.
Karen Christy