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 January, 1970
Playmate of the Month Jill Taylor photographed by Bill Figge and Ed DeLong. Interview Rachel Welch by Richard Warren Lewis. Features "The Americanization of Vietnam" by David Halberstam "Reconciling the Generations" by U.S. Senator George McGovern "Sharing the Wealth" by Cesar Chavez "Uniting the Races" by Julian Bond "Forging a Left-Right Coalition" by Tom Wicker "Points of Rebellion" by Justice William O. Douglas "Our Besieged Bill of Rights" by The Honourable Arthur J. Goldberg. Playboy's Playmate Review Nancy McNeil, Lorrie Menconi, Shay Knuth, Lorna Hopper, Debbie Hooper, Claudia Jennings, Sally Sheffield, Jean Bell, Leslie Bianchini, Helena Antonaccio, Kathy MacDonald and Gloria Root. Vargas Revisited Encoring a curvaceous gallery of favorites created by Playboy's unsurpassed portrayer of quip-equipped lovelies. Jill Taylor

February, 1970

Playmate of the Month Linda Forsythe photographed by Pampeo Posar. Discussion Playboy Panel: The Drug Revolution with Harry J. Anslinger, William S. Burroughs, James Coburn, Baba Ram Dass, Leslie Fiedler, John Finlator, Joel Fort, Joseph S. Oteri and Alan Watts. Features "Future Shock" by Alvin Toffler "Justice, Military Style" by Robert Sherrill "Skiing the Psychological Alps" by John Skow "Jazz & Pop '70" by Nat Hentoff. Bibi Anderson and Barbara Parkins photographed by Angelo Frontoni, Norma Bauer (cover) photographed by Dwight Hooker.
Linda Forsythe

March, 1970

Playmate of the Month Chris Koren photographed by Bill and Mel Figge. Interview Ray Charles by Bill Quinn. Features "Coping With Future Shock" by Alvin Toffler "Swinging on the Stars" by C. Robert Jennings "Playboy Plays the Stock Market" by Michael Laurence "Revolution" by Jules Siegel "Counterrevolution" by George Fox. The Girls of "Julius Caesar" (film) Birche Sector, Stephanie Harrison, Barbara Lindley, Helen Jones, Florence George, Maureen Finlay, Stephanie Harrison, Janet Pearce, Erica Simmonds, Alendre (Sandy) Jones, Sir John Gielgud (not nude), Charlton Heston and Richard Chamberlain. Bunny of the Year Nanci Boyles, Deana Turner, Jackie Rhodes, Pat Duffel, Sara Atkinson, Jude Willbrand Carol Imhof, Cheri Wright, Chere Davis, Gina Byrams (winner), Jan Hornback, Scottie Scott, Suzy Kramer, Roxanne Rozon, Peggy Berry, Carol Imhof, Viki Casto, Renee Burton, Bev Riley and Brandi Christ. Barbi Benton (cover) photographed by Mario Casilli.
Chris Koren

April, 1970

Playmate of the Month Barbara Hillary photographed by Pompeo Posar. Interview Dr. Mary Calderone by Nat Lehrman. Features "Our Mortgaged Future" by James Clayton "For a Moderate Majority" by Josiah Lee Auspitz "Furry's Blues" by Stanley Booth "Sports Hustlers" by Barry Rosenberg "The Great Campus Manhunt" by Max Gunther. The Girls of Israel Connie Turner, Lea Vardi, Ilana Yonah, Esther Zewko, Orna Shmuelowitz, Shifra Vander, Dassy Shachar, Lea Wolfson, Aviva Paz, Sandra Viva, Bella Raviv, Tirza Arbel, Sassona Magen, Zahava Blau, Aliza Krotoshinsky, Irit Avni, Irit Lavi, Ronit Ramot, Ronit Rosenstein, Yael Magor, Leora Lapidot, Aviva Rosenthal, Tami Aloni, Varda Carmeli, Ziona Tuchterman, Yael Yardeni, Marie Dunham and Anne Tuchmeyer photographed by Marvin E. Newman. Myra van Heck (Miss England), Pamela Nystul (cover) photographed by Pameo Posar.
Barbara Hillary

May, 1970

Playmate of the Month Jennifer Liano photographed by Dwight Hooker. Interview William F. Buckley Jr. by David Butler. Features "Up Against the Wall, Male Chauvinist Pig!" by Morton Hunt "The War Machine" by Robert Sherrill "The Peace Department" by U.S. Senator Vance Hartke "Ghosts!" by C. Robert Jennings. Satyricon Pictorial essay by Federico Fellini. Bedsprings Eternal Models photographed by Dwight Hooker. Susanne Benton photographed by Frank Bez, Phyllis Babila (cover) photographed by Dwight Hooker.
Jennifer Liano

June, 1970

Playmate of the Year Claudia Jennings (cover) photographed by Pompeo Posar. Playmate of the Month Elaine Morton photographed by Bill and Mel Figge. Interview Tiny Tim by Harold Ramis. Personality Julian Bond by Douglas Kiker. Features "The Chicago Conspiracy Circus" by Nicholas von Hoffman "The Career Killers" by Alan Westin "See Naples and Live" by John Clellon Holmes. "Tropic of Cancer" Revisited Henry Miller, Rip Torn, Liane Saunier, Catherine d'Hugues and Dominique Delpierre (not all previously named are nude). Lola Falana photographed by Frank Dandridge.
Elaine Morton

July, 1970

Playmate of the Month Carol Willis photographed by Pompeo Posar and Jack Hamilton. Interview Joan Baez by Nat Hentoff. Features "Project Survival" by Geoffrey Norman. "Man and Beast" by Morton Hunt. "A Semester at Superdriver U" by Ken W. Purdy. "Further "Up the Organization"" by Robert Townsend. "Anatomy of a Massacre" by Jesse Frank Frosch. "Step Lightly" by Tim O'Brien. "Shaping Up For "Oh! Calcutta!" pictorial essay by C. Robert Jennings. "The Dolls of "Beyond the Valley"" Gina Dair, Dolly Read, Marcia McBroom, Cynthia Myers, Haji, Joyce Rees, Pam Grier, Veronica Erickson, Edy Williams, Cissie Colpitts, Samantha Scott, and Angel Ray. Janet Wolf (cover) photographed by Don Ornitz.
Carol Willis

August, 1970

Playmate of the Month Sharon Clark gatefold photographed by Bill Figge and De Delong. Interview Dr. Paul Ehrlich. Personality "All She Needs is Love" (Janice Joplin) by John Bowers. Features "The Last Magician" by Loren Eiseley "Just Slip This Into Her Drink" by Fredric C. Appel "Playboy Plays the Bond Market" by Michael Laurence. Myra Goes Hollywood (Myra Breckinridge, film) Rex Reed, Raquel Welch, John Huston, Robert Herren, Farrah Fawcett and Mae West photographed by Terry O'Neill (not all previously named are nude). Bunnies of 1970 Ava Faulkner, Lyn Love, Avis Miller, Rosemary Melendez, Heather Van Every, Alix Smith, Carmela Benvenuto, Vicki Snell, Ella Garland Nancy Marshall, Marjie Martin, Mickey Hersch, Linda Donnelly, Cynthia Hall, Nicole Cisar, Carol Vitale, Carol Imhof, Jeannie Dorman, Cathy Green, Barbie Crawford, Jean Bell, Kim Stretton, Nikki Minick, Joyce Bennett-Odlum, Lydia Wickman, Helena Antonaccio, Lynda Moore, Kristi Willinger, Elisa Simone and Lieko English.
Sharon Clark



September, 1970

Playmate of the Month Debbie Elliston photographed by Pompeo Posar. Interview Peter Fonda by Lawrence Linderman. Personality "Portrait of the Marxist as an Old Trouper" (Herbert Marcuse) by Michael Horowitz. Features "The Abortion Revolution" by Robert Hall M.D. "Beyond the Fringes" by Don Schanche "The Engineering Mentality" by Gene Marine "Playboy's Pigskin Preview" by Anson Mount. The No-Bra Look Vicki Peters and Connie Kreski. Posterotica photographs by Paul Kagan, Frank Amairi, George Adams, John Carafoli, Phillip Leonian,Kermit Johnson, M. Richard Kirstel, Owen Deutsch, Isi Veleris, Ron Mesaros, Roberta Weir and Wingate Paine. Elke Sommer (from family photo album) text and photography by husband Joe Hyams, Jackie Ray (cover) phtographed by Larry D. Gordon.
Debbie Elliston

October, 1970

Playmates of the Month Mary and Madeleine Collinson (twins) (cover) photographed by Dwight Hooker. Interview William Kunstler by Nat Hentoff. Features "The Many Faces of Murder" by Bruce Porter "Nixon's the One -- But What?" by Tom Wicker "The Transport Revolution" by David Rorvik "Diogenes' Search for an Honest Game" by William Barry Furlong. Solid Gould (Move, film) Elliot Gould, Paula Prentiss and Genevieve Waite photographed by Lawrence Shiller. Pornography and the Unmelancholy Danes Vivi Knudsten, Lone Frydenberg and many others. Lainie Kazan photographed by Lawrence Schiller.
Mary and Madeleine Collinson (twins)

November, 1970

Playmate of the Month Avis Miller photographed by Dwight Hooker. Interview Elliot Gould by Richard Warren Lewis. Personality "Good Ole Boy" (Johnny Cash) by Saul Braun. Features "When Punishment is a Crime" by Ramsey Clark "They Became What They Beheld" by Edmund Carpenter "And Now -- A Word From Our Sponsor" by Michael Butler "Shoot-Out in Johnston City" by Craig Vetter "West of Eden" by Jules Siegel. Gallo's Girls Sculptors by Frank Gallo. Jane Birkin photographed by Pompeo Posar, Sex in Cinema 1970, Crystal Smith (cover) photographed by Dwight Hooker.
Avis Miller



December, 1970

Carol Imhof Playmate of the Month; Shay Knuth cover; Paula Pritchett pict.; interview with Robert Graves; Masters & Johnson explode sex myths; fiction: "Dealing" by Michael & Douglas Crichton writing as Michael Douglas, "Santa Claus in the Jungle" by Paul Theroux; "Another Christmas Carol" by PG Wodehouse; "Little Memoirs" by Richard Brautigan; an illustrated review of underground comics, including Zap, Snatch and others; plus Little Annie Fanny, 2-page Vargas. Playmate of the Month Carol Imhof photographed by Dwight Hooker. Interview Robert Graves by Jim McKinley. Features "Ten Sex Myths Exploded" by William Masters & Virginia Johnson "Cosa Nostra" by Murray Kempton "The International Comix Conspiracy" by Jacob Brackman "The Wasteland Revisited" by Nicholas Johnson "A Million and One Nights in Soviet Russia" by William F. Buckley Jr. The Classic Woman Text and photography by Jim Moran. Sex Stars of 1970 Raquel Welch, Elliott Gould, Paula Prentiss, Genevieve Waite, Robert Redford, Linda Gaye Scott, Donald Sutherland, Jim Brown, Ryan O'Neal, Dustin Hoffman, Peter Fonda, Jacqueline Bisset, Candice Bergen, Ali MacGraw, Jane Fonda, Katharine Ross, Raymond St. Jacques, Alan Bates, Oliver Reed, Catherine Deneuve, Susannah York, Elke Sommer, Faye Dunaway, Ursula Andress, Stella Stevens, Clint Eastwood, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Warren Beatty, Sidney Poitier, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Charlton Heston, Leigh Taylor-Young, Natalie Wood, Paula Prentiss, Brigitte Bardot, Helmut Berger, Calvin Lockhart, Beau Bridges, Joe Namath, Ann-Margret, Daria Halprin, Mark Frechette, Mick Jagger, Anita Pollenbert, Lola Falana, Susanne Benton, Margot Kidder, Barbara McNair, Cynthia Myers, Sally Kellerman, Judy Pace, Dolly Read, Suzanne Charny, Carrie Snodgress, Edy Williams, Senta Berger and Julie Ege (not all previously named are nude). Paula Pritchett photographed by J. Barry O'Rourke, Shay Knuth (cover) photographed by Bill Arsenault.
Carol Imhof