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January, 1964

10th Anniversary Issue. The holiday anniversary issue features a plethora of outstanding literary works written by some of the best writers of the mid-60's: Ray Bradbury, Ian Fleming, Bertrand Russell, Vladimir Nabokov and others. The Playmates of the past year are reviewed and you'll find a special 10-page tribute to Marilyn Monroe. Vargas drawings from the 1920's are featured. Terre Tucker, Phyllis Sherwood, Connie Mason, Adrienne Moreau, Victoria Valentino, Christine Williams, Toni Ann Thomas, Carrie Enwright, Sandra Settani
Sharon Rogers

February, 1964

The Playmate review goes all the way back to PLAYBOY'S first year of publication in 1954 and Marilyn Monroe is included. Mamie Van Doren rates a nude pictorial. Cover Cynthia Maddox. Nancy Jo Hooper

March, 1964

See the Girls of Russia and Playmates of 1955 including Jayne Mansfield and Bettie Page. The interview is with objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand. Cover Olga Schoberova. Nancy Scott

April, 1964

Peter Sellers as Valentino graces the loose April cover and the Playmates of 1956 are revisited including Betty Blue, Janet Pilgrim and Lisa Winters. Cover Karen Lynn, Peter Sellers. Ashlyn Martin

May, 1964

Actor Jack Lemmon is interviewed and the Playmates from 1957 are revisited. Playmate from May 1964, gorgeous Donna Michelle is crowned PMOY with an awesome pictorial. Cover Donna Michelle. Terri Kimball

June, 1964

Here you'll find a nude pictorial on buxom blonde actress Mamie Van Doren. The Playmates of 1958 are reviewed including under-age Elizabeth Ann Roberts from January 1958 who caused Hef to be sued, but he won. Cover Mamie van Doren. Lori Winston

July, 1964

The cover is graced by Cynthia Maddox, Hef's then gal pal, lipsticking a rabbit logo on her beautiful tummy. A pictorial essay tells how to throw a beach party and ties into Thomas Mario's Food & Drink piece. The interview is with eccentric artist Salvador Dali.
Melba Ogle

August, 1964

Features the Bunnies of Chicago and reviews the Playmates of 1960. The Playmate is oriental beauty China Lee and the interview is with black commedian Dick Gregory. Cover Barbara Reeves. China Lee



September, 1964

Playmate of the Month Astrid Schultz photographed by Mario Casilli. Interview Henry Miller by Bernard Wolfe. Features "The Pious Pornographers Revisited" by William Iversen "Playboy's Pigskin Preview" by Anson Mount "Letters From Bohemia" by Ben Hecht "Grover Dill and the Tasmanian Devil" by Jean Shepherd. Playboy in Jamaica Donna Michelle. The Nudist Peter Sellers and The Nudest Elke Sommer Peter Sellers and Elke Sommer photographed by George Michalke. Playmates Revisited -- 1961 Sheralee Conners, Susan Kelly, Jean Cannon, Karen Thomspon, Heidi Becker, Barbara Ann Lawford, Lynn Karrol, Nancy Nielsen, Tonya Crew, Connie Cooper, Dianne Danford and Christa Speck. Heather Hewitt (cover) photographed by Sherman Weisburd. Astrid Schulz

October, 1964

Playmate of the Month Rosemarie Hillcrest photographed by Pompeo Posar and Desmond Russell. Interview Cassius Clay. Features "Rainbowsin a Bucket" by Vance Bourjaily "The Pious Pornographers Revisited" by William Iversen "Music of the Absurd" by James Bush. Marco Polo's Spices (Marco Polo, film) Horst Buchholz (not nude) with actresses photographed by Desmond Russell. Playmates Revisited -- 1962 Merissa Mathes, Jan Roberts, Michey Winters, Kari Knudsen, Laura Young, Unne Terjessen, Jun Cochran, Pamela Anne Gordon, Merle Pertile, Avis Kimble, Marya Carter and Roberta Lane photographed by Stan Malinowski.  Judy Newton cover.
Rosemarie Hillcrest

November, 1964

Playmate of the Month Kai Brendlinger photographed by Pompeo Posar. Interview Govenor George Wallace. Discussion "The Playboy Panel: America's Cultural Explosion" with David Brinkley, Aaron Copland Murray Kempton, Russell Lynes, Dore Schary, David Sussind and Alvin Toffler. Features "Fine Art , The Finest Investment" by J. Paul Getty "Beyond Centaurus" by Arthur C. Clarke "A Short History of Shaves and Haircuts" by William Iversen. The Girls of Germany Margitta Scherr, Eva Christian, Kerstin de Ahna, Hella Wolff, Silke Vagts, Wiebke Jacobsen, Heike Lammers, Helga Schwartz, Helga Lehner, Renate Kasche, Marion Berghal, Sabina Sinjen, Wilhelmina Mayer, Sabine Bethmann, Marlis Kinscher, Maria Hoff, Harin Heske, Karin Wild, Helga Sommerfeld, Ellen Farner, Gisela Krauss, Ingrid Schoeller, Evi Matrey, Rita Roehl, Susanne Brunckhorst, Uschi Siebert, Vivi Bak, Margaret-Rose Keil and Romi Kerber photographed by Peter Basch. Playmates Revisited -- 1963 Christine Williams, Sandra Settani, Donna Michelle, Victoria Valentino, Carrie Enwright, Connie Mason, Phyllis Sherwood, Toni Ann Thomas, Sharon Cintron, Judi Monterey, Adrienne Moreau and Terre Tucker. Mara Hoff cover. Kai Brendlinger



December, 1964

The year-end 292-page issue with the Femlin on the cover features an interview with James Bond creator, author Ian Fleming. Hot, blonde actress Carroll Baker takes it all of for an exclusive pictorial and another spotlights a bevy of past Playmates from the past 10 years. LeRoy Neiman paints the Lido showgirls in Paris.
Jo Collins