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January, 1962

Heidi Becker, Susan Kelly, Connie Cooper, Christa Speck, Karen Thompson Merle Pertile

February, 1962

Playmate of the Month Kari Knudsen photographed by Barbara and Justin Kerr. Biography "My Brother, Ernest Hemingway, Part III" by Leicester Hemingway. Features "Anthony From Afar" by Bernard Wolfe. "The Spanish Prisoner" by Gerald Kersh. "Bugatti (An Appreciative Appraisal of the Man and the Classic Car that Bears His Name)" by Ken W. Purdy. "The Investor" by Bruce Jay Friedman. On the Scene. Stewart Hegeman Donald Hyatt Jackie Gayle The Girls of Rome. Marilu Tolo Gamine Mori Bruna Linda Veras Antonella Lualdi Raffaella Carra Fiorella Viglietti Stefania Sabatini Tania Dragos Tayna Berryl Cathia Caro Claudia Caradinale Dorothee Glockelin Janine Jacquin Maureen Lane Anna Fillippini Barbara Nelli Luciana Gilli Lucia Branconi Anita Pallenberg Ilaria Occhini Lina Sotis Gianna Cagnetta Gabriella Botticelli Gesa Meiken. Cover Cynthia Maddox.
Kari Knudsen

March, 1962

Playmate of the Month Pamela Anne Gordon photographed by Mario Casilli and Ken Honey. Biography "My Brother, Ernest Hemingway" by Leicester Hemingway. Features "The Hazards of Prophecy" by Arthur C. Clarke. "Clara" by Ben Hecht. "O Manhatta, Mother of Waters" by Herbert Gold. "The Love Cult" by Alfred Kazin. "The Vanishing Americans" by J. Paul Getty. "Solo for Violin" by Henry Slesar. On the Scene. Akira Kurosawa Federico Fellini Jules Dassin.  Cover Painting by Chuck Miller.
Pamela Anne Gordon

April, 1962

Playmate of the Year Christa Speck photographed by Mario Casilli. Playmate of the Month Roberta Lane (cover) photographed by Frank Eck. Features "The Wonderful Clouds, Part One" by Francoise Sagan. "The Stancias' House" by Paul Darcy Boles. "A Way to Make It" by Henry Slesar. Cinema on a Shoestring" by Arthur Knight. "You Can't Get There From Here (An Arresting Inquiry into the Limits of the Possible: Probing the Proximate Regions of Earth and Sun)" by Arthur C. Clarke. "Adam Frost" by Vance Aandahl. On the Scene. Stewart Hegeman Donald Hyatt Jackie Gayle.
Roberta Lane

May, 1962

Playmate of the Month Marya Carter photographed by Morton Smith. Features "The Wonderful Clouds, Part Two" by Francoise Sagan. "For the Rich They Sing -- Sometimes" by Ken W. Purdy. "Queen Dido" by Ben Hecht. "Control Somnambule" by William Sambrot. "The Miracle" by Harry Mark Petrakis. "The Master Swindlers" by Spencer Klaw. "What Makes an Executive?" by J. Paul Getty. On the Scene Jean-Paul Belmondo, Albert Finney, Marcello Mastroianni. Model Cynthia Maddox.
Marya Carter

June, 1962

Playmate of the Month Merissa Mathes photographed by Glenn Otto. Discussion "The Playboy Panel: The Womanization of America". Edward Bernays Dr. Ernest Dichter Alexander King Norman Mailer Herbert Mayes Dr. Ashley Montagu Dr. Theodor Reik Mort Sahl Features "A Father's Gift" by Walt Grove. "The Murder of Edmund Grant" by Robert Cenedella. "Horror Trio" by Gahan Wilson. "Noises in the City" by Irwin Shaw. "The Great Paper Chase" by Al Morgan. "From Lilliput to Brobdingnag" by Arthur C. Clarke.
Merissa Mathes

July, 1962

Playmate of the Month Unne Terjesen photographed by Mario Casilli and Ken Honey. Features "The Pilgramage of Roger Haydock" by Robert Lewis Taylor. "Bus Story" by Calder Willingham. "The Bandit" by Ben Hecht. "The Right Man for the Right Job" by J.C. Thompson. "Throught the Racial Looking Glass" by Nat Hentoff. "A Sense fo Values" by J. Paul Getty. "Who Shall Dwell" by H.C. Neal. "Janet Pilgrim in Palm Springs" (candid and posed photos).
Unne Terjesen

August, 1962

Playmate of Month Jan Roberts by Pompeo Posar. Features "Dr. Freud's Cocktail Party" by Virgil Partch. "The Prodigal Powers of Pot" by Dan Wakefield. "The Morning After" by Wade Miller. "World Without Distance" by Arthur C. Clarke. "The Interest of Strangers" by Ray Russell. On the Scene. Jerome Brody David Brinkley Buddy Greco Model Gesa Meiken photographed by Mario Casilli. Photos by Jerry Yulsman.
Jan Roberts



September, 1962

Playmate of the Month Mickey Winters photographed by Don Bronstein. Interview Miles Davis. Personality Stirling Moss (Car Racer) by Ken W. Purdy. Features "The Sound of Hirsch" by Leonard Michaels. "Playboy's Pigskin Preview" by Anson Mount. "Wall Street in Crisis" by J. Paul Getty. "Hey, Look at Me!" by Jack Finney. "The Next Sound You Hear...May Well Be a Synthetic Creation of That Electronic Frankenstein the Tape Manipulator.)" by Morton M. Hunt. On the Scene. Herb Gardner Johnny Carson Sonny Rollins.
Mickey Winters

October, 1962

Playmate of the Month Laura Young (cover) photographed by Pomeop Posar. Interview Peter Sellers. Features "The Picture Thieves" by Paul Gallico. "Mind Beyond Matter (An Arresting Inquirey into the Limits of the Possible: The Known Powers and Immeasurable Potentialities of the Human Brain)" by Arthur C. Clarke. "A Lucky Day for the Boar" by Gerald Kersh. "The Little Creep and the Big Blonde Broad" by Ken W. Purdy. "The Thin Red Line" by James Jones. "The Jazz Festival Grows Up" Nat Hentoff. "Little Annie Fannie" Debut by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder. The Girls of London. Beth Rogan Louise Dixon Marie Barrie Marjorie Brace Marie Clarence Alison Seebohm Francesca Annis Jean Shrimpton Eve Eden Yvonne Romain Maureen Haylock Eileen Noble Kinga Kalinska Sylvia Steele Irene Barrie Gina Graham Jackie Blackhurst Jeannetta Clarke Tessa Rees-Roberts Diana Burford Vicky Kennedy Gabriella Licudi. Laura Young

November, 1962

Playmate of the Month Avis Kimball photographed by Jon Pownall. Discussion "The Playboy Panel: Business Ethics and Morality". Herbert L. Barnet William Benton James B. Carey Marquis Childs Sol A. Dann Senator Philip A. Hart Senator Jacob K. Javits Vance Packard Roger P. Sonnabend Features "Barbara Girl" by Herbert Gold. "The Fairy" by Ben Hecht. "Puppet Show" by Fredrick Brown. "The Deadlier Bruise" by Paxton Davis. "Gin to Win (Eight Inside Pointer to Help You Play Your Cards Right)" by Joe Mikolas. On the Scene. William F. Buckley, Jr. Howard Gossage Raf Vallone Photos by Mario Casilli.
Avis Kimble



December, 1962

Playmate of the Month June Cochran photographed by Don Bronstein. Interview Jackie Gleason. Features "How to Succeed in How to Succeed" by Rudy Vallee. "Winter in This Latitude" by Rick Rubin. "The Lonely Machine" by Jules Feiffer. "Brother Endicott" by James Thurber. "The Machine of Joy" by Ray Bradbury. "Gala at the Tour D'Argent" by Ludwig Bemelmans. "None But the Brave" by Garson Kanin. On the Scene James Baldwin, George Chakiris, Matthew J. Culligan. Playboy's Other Girlfriends Tina Louise, Kim Novak, Tania Velia, Sophia Loren, Ann Richards, June "The Bosom" Wilkinson, Abby Dalton, Vikki "The Back" Dougan, Jill St. John, Anita Ekberg, Brigitte Bardot, Elga Andersen, Elaine Stewart. Model Arlene Dahl photographed by Frank Eck. June Cochran