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January, 1961

Playmate of the Month Connie Cooper photographed by Morton Smith. Features "Sardonicus" by Ray Russell. "Conversation Piece" by Ken Purdy. "Hemingway Speaks His Mind" by Ernest Hemingway. "A Liberal Darling and Concerning the Drama" by Anton Chekhov. "All the Week in the World" by Fritz Leiber. Playboy's Playmate Review Teddi Smith, Joni Mattis, Stella Stevens (Estelle Eggleston), Carol Eden, Ginger Young, Susie Scott, Delores Wells, Kathy Douglas, Sally Sarell, Elaine Paul, Linda Gamble,Ellen Stratton.
Connie Cooper

February, 1961

Playmate of the Month Barbara Ann Lawford photographed by Mario Casilli. Features "Come On Out, Daddy" by Bernard Wolfe. "Money and Conformity" by J. Paul Getty. "That Sweet Sinner and Traveling I" by Herbert Gold. "The Room" by Ray Russell. "The Voice of the Turkey" by Al Morgan. The Girls of New York Chris James, Barbara de Vorzan, Judith Shore, Eve Howell, Audrey della Russo, Leslie Preston, Toby Grayson, Bridget Rohland, Gail Moscowitz, Audrey Bingham, Deirdre Evans, Dodi Lynn, Tanya Colette, Dana Lee, Sigyn Lund, Elizabeth Chips, Darlene Jaman, Neuma Agins, Sandy Kane, Alicia Alonso, Pat Winters, Judy Hecht, Sydnie Mischel, Pam Perry, Joan Rozell, Joy Harmon, Peggy Spring, Sandra Francis, Ann Celles, Lois Holloran, Laya Raki, Fay Rosen. Barbara Ann Lawford

March, 1961

Playmate of the Month Tanya Crews photographed by Mario Casilli. Discussion "Playboy Panel: Hip Comics and the New Humor" Steve Allen, Lenny Bruce, Bill Dana, Jules Feiffer, Mike Nichols, Mort Sahl, Jonathan Winters. Features "The Machine in Ward Eleven" by Charles Willeford. "A Jackpot of Corpses" by Ben Hecht. "Marlon Brando: The Gilded Image" by Jerry Tallmer. "The Illustrated Woman" by Ray Bradbury. "Comics" by Charles Beaumont. "The Nude Wave in Hollywood" Jean Simmons and Kirk Douglas, Janet Leigh, Debra Paget. On the Scene Willem De Kooning, Cesar Balsa.
Tonya Crews

April, 1961

Playmate of the Year Linda Gamble. Playmate of the Month Nancy Nielson. Features "The Emancipated Man" by John Wallace. "Pornologist on Olympus" by Maurice Girodias. "Blood Brother" by Charles Beaumont. "The Bottom of the Ocean" by Ken Purdy. "Talent Hunts" by Al Morgan. "Wilbur Fonts in Africa" by Jeremy Dole. "Business Blunders and Booby Traps" by J. Paul Getty. On the Scene David Merrick, Herbert Mayes, Gunther Schuller. Cover Femlin. Nancy Nielsen

May, 1961

Playmate of the Month Susan Kelly photographed by Frank Bez. Features "Speak to Me of Immorality" by Ken Purdy. "The Legend of Lime Street" by Collie Small. "The Hobbyist" by Fredric Brown. "Odds Man Out" by T.K. Brown III. "A Star of the First Magnitude" by John Crosby. "The Laughingstock" by Gerald Kersh. The Girls of Sweden Maj-lis and Gudrun Genberg (twins), Tina Norlov, Marie-Louise Falk, Barbro Olsson, Gull-Britt Berglund, Angela Wergard, Mona Arvidsson, Kicki Ekroth, Ann-Mari Adamsson, Eva Hjorth, Monica Lindholm, Ann Marie Gummesson, Mio Molin, Anita Andersson, Lena Vistrom, Annie Galle, Ulla-Britt Petterson, Astrid Jansson, Vivi Anne Jonsson, Marie-Louise Nyman, Kersti Yams, Gunilla Elm, Birgit Thoreson, Kristina Liebcher, Elisabeth Fritzner, Inger Ahreson, Brit-Marie Agnefjord, Irene Vikersjo, Christina Leander, Chris Brondbjerg.  Cover Judy Newton.
Susan Kelly

June, 1961

Playmate of the Month Heidi Becker photographed by Mario Casilli. Features "Marcianna & The Natural Carpaine in Papaya" by Bernard Wolfe. "You Can Make a Million Today" by J. Paul Getty. "The Grand Prix De Monaco" by Charles Beaumont. "Punch" by Frederik Pohl. "The Hell-Fire Club" by Gerald Walker. "Harold's Affair" by Walter Goodman. "The Literati of the Four-Letter Word" by Leslie A. Fiedler. "The Greate American Divide" by Herbert Gold. On the Scene Dr. Gregory Pincus, Dick Gregory. Model Ann Richards photographed by Mario Casilli.
Heidi Becker

July, 1961

Playmate of the Month Sheralee Conners. Discussion "The Playboy Panel: Sex and Censorship in Literature and the Arts" Judge Thurman Arnold, Dr. Albert Ellis, Ralph Ginzburg, Maurice Girodias, Norman Mailer, Otto Preminger, Barney Rosset. Features "The Fifteenth Station" by T.K Brown III. "The Jazz Singers, Part I" by Bruce Griffin. "For Whom the Booth Tolls" by Barry Spacks. "Machina Ex Deux" by Arthur C. Clarke. "The Inconsequential Pepsqueaks" by Leland Webb. "Don't Think" by Ray Russell. "Le Crazy Horse".Cover Susie Scott. Sheralee Conners

August, 1961

Playmate of the Month Karen Thompson photographed by Mario Casilli. Features "Reality for This Lad" by Herbert Gold. "Classic Cars of the Thirties" by Ken Purdy. "The Educated Barbarians" by J. Paul Getty. "The Killer in the TV Set" by Bruce Jay Friedman. "The Jazz Singers" by Bruce Griffin. "The Defeat of the Demon Tailor" by Gerald Kersh. The Girls of Hawaii Lenore Trumbull, Reri Tava, Robin Sowers, Ruth Moore, Susan Hart, Gail and Lynn Howell, Leilani Fonseca, Shirley Lexier, Samara Kardack, Barbara Rassmussen, Poli Tonkin, Patricia Branda Randolff, Leone Leong, Dianne Baker, Susan Molina, Caroline Baltan, Ann Tsunoto, Mate Ng, Barbara Levy. Cartoon Women by John Dempsey, Richard Taylor, Erich Sokol, Bea Paul, Alberto Vargas, Claude Smith, E. Simms Campbell, Eldon Dedini.
Karen Thompson



September, 1961

Playmate of the Month Christa Speck photographed by Sam Wu. Features "The Lion's Share" by Harvey Jacobs. "The Little World of Jim Moran" by Richard Gehman. "Playboy's Pigskin Preview" by Anson Mount. "The Firing Line" by Henry Slesar. "Highway Robbery" (auto insurance) by John Keats. "The Pursuit of Perfection" by Richard Carter. "The Solemn Sabbath" by Leland Webb. "A Short History of Swearing" by William Iversen. "Status-Ticians in Limbo" by Murray Kempton. On the Scene Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers, Ian Carmichael. Cover Barbara Lawford.
Christa Speck

October, 1961

Playmate of the Month Jean Cannon photographed by Ron Vogel. Features "The Year the Yankees Won the Pennant" by Jeremy Dole. "How I Made My First Billion" by J. Paul Getty. "Conversation With a Bug" by Jack Sharkey. "Take Me to Your Leader" by Gerald Walker. "(Igor) Stravinsky" by Roland Gelatt. "A Short History of Bathing" by William Iversen. On the Scene A.M. Sonnabend, Oscar Brown, Jr., Bertrand Goldberg.
Jean Cannon

November, 1961

Sharon Rogers Playmate of the Month is Diane Danford. Features include La Dolce Ekberg, a Playboy discussion panel: TV's Problems and Prospects with John Crosby, Mike Dann, John Frankenheimer, Stan Freberg, Mark Goodson, Gilbert Seldes, Rod Serling, and David Susskind, "Agoraphobia Is In the Public Domain" by Bernard Wolfe, and "The Lincoln Continental" by Ken Purdy. Cover Susie Scott. Dianne Danford



December, 1961

Playmate of the Month Lynn Karroll photographed by Frank Eck. Biography "My Brother, Ernest Hemingway, Part I" by Leicester Hemingway. Features "Square Christmas" by Walt Grove. "Space Opera" by Ray Russell. "Professor Hyde" by Thomas Berger. "Wall Street Is Not Monte Carlo" by J. Paul Getty. "Modus Bibendi" by Alex Waugh. "Playmate Holiday House Party".
Lynn Karrol